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  1. Here is THE BIG PROBLEM : Ad-Aware 2007 is still available for download. Lavasoft has no shame.
  2. For my part now I use AVG Anti-Spyware, former Ewido. Lavasoft are finished, I won't be surprised if in 6 months they declare bankruptcy. Poor of them, they have made THE BIG MISTAKE, yes : THE BIG MISTAKE, the mistake no one could make. We get what we deserve.
  3. You will have to install the 2007 version, if Lavasoft still exists in 6 months.
  4. scans are longer in 2007 edition than SE because in 2007, scan is the combination of a full system scan and an ADS scan. in SE you can choose between system scans or ADS scan. perform an ADS scan in SE and see how long it will take ... i agree it is an annoyance to not have the ability to choose scan options in Ad-Aware 2007 Free Edition. more customers fly away ... again
  5. or you can reinstall Ad-Aware SE without deinstalling 2007, but be sure to deactivate aawservice.exe.
  6. Here is my advice : 1-uninstall Ad-Aware 2007 2-install or reinstall Ad-Aware SE 3-wait a few months before reinstalling Ad-Aware 2007, be sure to check this forum if there still any bugs before downloading
  7. It seems that everybody have uninstalled the 2007 version to return to the SE version.
  8. False : users can install Ad-Aware 2007 in a different location than C:\Program Files\.
  9. Ok, so you are telling us that if you are not connected under an account with administrator privileges, you cannot install Ad-Aware 2007 because it is impossible.
  10. So you are saying that Ad-Aware 2007 has never been released. That's exactly what I was thinking : Ad-Aware 2007 is still a beta version.
  11. This is the same thing that opening the Service Console included in Windows, except that when you open the Windows Service Console, you don't need to install another application (here WinPatrol) to stop the service.
  12. New command lines to start and stop Ad-Aware 2007, aaswervice can now be disabled : to start : sc config aawservice start= demand && net start aawservice && "C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\Ad-Aware2007.exe" to stop : taskkill /f /im Ad-Aware2007.exe /t && net stop aawservice && sc config aawservice start= disabled && exit
  13. if aawservice.exe is essential for the use of Ad-Aware 2007, why could it be disabled ? some Windows service cannot be disabled, so why could we do it with aawservice.exe ?
  14. Yes, use it at your own risks. For my part, since Ad-Aware 2007 is full of bugs and aawservice.exe using so much resources, I will have no regrets to use this.
  15. Place these instructions in bat files, create shortcuts on them and double-clic to execute the instructions. It assumes that Ad-Aware 2007 Service is set to Manual and not running, and Ad Aware 2007 has been installed in C:\Program Files to start Ad-Aware 2007 and aawservice.exe in 1 time : net start aawservice && "C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\Ad-Aware2007.exe" to stop Ad-Aware 2007 and aawservice.exe in 1 time : taskkill /f /im Ad-Aware2007.exe /t && net stop aawservice && exit
  16. Me too I planned to buy Ad-Aware 2007 so I downloaded the free version to try. But when I saw all the mess that Ad-Aware made on my computer, I deinstalled it and no longer I will buy Ad-Aware 2007 or use the free version. And I am sure that a lot of persons who have tried the free version will not too.
  17. Will there be some compensations for all the posters of this forum, persons who are doing the job of the beta testers ?
  18. NOD32, Counterspy, Sunbelt Personal Firewall, or a² Antimalware = additional service for real time protection. Ad-Aware 2007 Free Edition = additional service and no real time protection. Don't you think there is something strange ? How many potential customers will you lose before you understand ? It is time to wake up !
  19. How does Ad-Aware 2007 detect that some malwares are trying to stop aawservice.exe ? Is that the resident protection feature called Ad-Watch which is only available on non-free editions of Ad-Aware 2007 ? If aawservice.exe is stopped by a malware, how will I be alerted ? What will be displayed on the screen ?
  20. check this :;#entry43354
  21. check this :;#entry43354
  22. The only way to resolve that is to uninstall Ad-Aware 2007 and return to the prior version (not the prior version of Ad-Aware 2007 of course). I wonder if this problem exists in the Beta version of Ad-Aware 2007, someone knows ?
  23. Thank you, that was quite hard to know what happen. So I will wait for future informations from your part. Regards.
  24. to LS CalamityJane To the question you replied Let me remind you that my question required only 2 possible answers : 1- YES 2- NO So, I repeat the question : Please could you confirm that the problem with aawservice has been transmitted to the developpers of Ad-Aware 2007 ? Pease could you answer this question ? It would be nice for us. Would you have the amability to answer my question correctly ?
  25. Ok, so you are telling me that you have no links with Lavasoft and you cannot bring me any support. I understand now, I won't bother you anymore.