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  1. I also noticed Ad-Watch was reporting loads and loads of registry changes and if you pay close attention (at least this happened on my computer with IE7) When I visited a web site I was getting weird Icons in the address bar....... Example a lioght bulb for , a a purple smiley face for and most of the time a big blue check mark. No Cookies were detected but after I uninstalled Ad-aware 2007 plus I ran NIS2007 it found 3 and WinPatrol 2007 found 6 who is right, who is wrong. I got the blue screen of death 2x.... thank God , I did not lose any information I a was able to recover. I felt as though I was infected with a virsue. My computer has 1gb ram but seemed to crawl at times. So as any sane person would do I shut down Ad-Watch and uninstalled Ad-aware 2007 plus restarted computer. By gooly everything has been good since. I have been trying to request a refund for plus version but have not heard from Sales, Tech Support or element5 yet. I have contacted the bank and they will be helping me settle this matter Ad-Aware 2007 plus\Pro should not of been realeased yet it has way to many problems if there is someone who is from lavasoft please direct me to whom i can request that refund without bothering my bank any further Thank you all have a nice day AD-Aware SE Pro was a great program I will still use it hope they allow updates till they fix the 2007 version
  2. I to had the same problem so after trying it nine (9) times I and no response from Tech support due to the weekend I Just tried to copy and paste and it worked I know they said not to but give it a try it worked for me take care