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  1. I'm glad someone else has noticed that jmorlan, so far you are the first person to comment on it (I have it mentioned in 3 other threads including one I started on a "suspected memory leak")
  2. something people seem to be missing is that the memory usage of this process increases with every scan. I watched it go from 21000k on boot to 36000k after 3 scans. The only way I could get it back down to the original 21000k was to either reboot or manually kill the process.
  3. as Tobias said, when you name the file make sure you include the .txt at the end as this resolved the issue for me. I know you shouldn't have to do that, the program should add it itself but this is really just a minor annoyance compared to the memory leak issues and autoloading of aawservice.exe service.
  4. Yes I do, although for now I'm leaving it on. I think a worse problem is that it looks to me like there is a possible memory leak associated with the service which I posted about in this thread http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=9610
  5. aawservice.exe seems to be causing a lot of concern simply because no one really has any idea what it is doing running in the free version at comp start up as a service even though there is no real time monitoring being done. I've been considering removing Ad-Aware 2007 from my computer because of this (I'm already using spybot and superantispyware and windows defender so should be adequately protected anyway). Now it seems like I've discovered a memory leak associated with aawservice.exe and would love to have someone else confirm it for me ... doing so would guarantee its removal from mt computer. On windows start up aawservice.exe shows as using 21000k of memory, after 1 scan it shows continous use of 33000k, after 2 scans 34500k and after a fourth it stays at 36000k. It seems to me with every use more memory is being tied up by this service that is "doing nothing" and it remains in use until a system restart is done.