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  1. [quote name='cressy' post='118736' date='Apr 7 2010, 04:05 AM']This has been asked for but.... I'm going to post another request for them to update the installer, i think it would be in their best interest to do so.[/quote] Cool, I have not been here in weeks (or whenever I last posted), I had given up on this product TBH but at the end of the day I have paid for it though had little use when it was V7 then did not support Vista.
  2. Where is the full build of 8.2.2 ? I cannot and will not install 8.2 to nuke my own AV once again trying to let it run long enough to update. I removed Ad-Adware many weeks ago after all the bugs that were introduced in it.
  3. Hmm I have waited weeks and this is the so called fix ? Simply installing 8.2 will mess up my PC before I get to update it. If its fixed you need to give a complete new build. The best thing I did in a long time was totally remove this buggy software of my PC weeks ago and TBH I have not missed it. Lavasoft should haver stuck to what they used to do best and that's Anti Spyware, all the added bloatedness of trying to make Firewalls and Download Guard etc are a mess.
  4. [quote name='igeldard' post='117022' date='Feb 20 2010, 11:28 AM']Yes. I updated again today. Rebooted and it still stalled (not responding). I'm using Norton Internet Security and I don't see an option to disable Tamper Protection in the Norton Protection Center.[/quote] Read my post bellow ! Why should you disable anything in your own AV ? Its the fault of Ad-Aware for conflicting with other AV's, it should have been tested and at the end of the day I used both as Ad-Aware used to be the n01 Spyware App not AV.
  5. [quote name='LS linuxcity' post='116948' date='Feb 19 2010, 03:27 PM']Hi again, I am sorry for the issue you encountered again. Currently we think it is a compatibility issue since Ad-Aware now has its own anitvirus engine as well and it may conflict with other antivirus products. We are working on solving this by either changing the software or adding feature that turns off certain modules easily so you can feel free to combine Ad-Aware with other similar products. But for now you can try to turn off file-access protection so that it will not conflict with ESET anti-virus. And we would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions as well! Best regards, Zhe[/quote] After the fix today I started the Ad-Aware service up and it froze my PC again, I left it running as PC clock was still ticking but massive 5 minute delay in anything I tried to run. It updated itself going by screen message when I returned 1 hour later and I rebooted only to have PC freeze on startup. I booted to Safe mode + Networking and Ad-Aware loads fine and I checked it was updated which it was. I then started to disable stuff in MSCONFIG to see what conflict was and it is ESET's ESS. Now I cannot do without this (since they finally got their act together with this beta build) and at the end of the day before this update they ran fine together and that includes the AV engine in Ad-Aware. So I booted to Safe Mode again and disabled Ad-Aware and enabled ESET ESS and rebooted only to find a completely blank console window for ESET ESS as its totally broken and I am getting warnings of no AV or FW protection on my PC. So basically it was wiped out by Ad-Aware and on top of this even with ESET ESS disabled and Ad-Aware supposedly running OK my Quad Core CPU is jumping up and down from 0-27% on ALL Cores for no reason for the past 30mins (no scans going on) this makes my PC lag as its obviously using more CPU time/% than that and I cannot use this software in this state and will now have to totally remove it and totally reinstall ESS. Your adding too much to this software making it bloated instead of fixing issue we complain about, even changing thing that were fine before but now worst.
  6. [quote name='LS linuxcity' post='116904' date='Feb 18 2010, 03:37 PM']Hi Bliss007, I am very sorry for the inconveniences it brought. Could you tell us which version of Windows you are using please? And was there any other anti-virus or anti-spyware products as well? Many thanks! Sincerely, Zhe[/quote] Vista SP2 64bit with ESET ESS 4.2.22 Beta (they have finally fixed multiple issues after many denials). It very obviously its this build as I'm not alone with issues, just read this forum. I dream of the day you make a better product like Version 6 SE.
  7. I thought for once they actually made a good build ! It asked me to update and it downloaded real fast and started to update itself, then it closed but did not reopen and my whole PC was brought to a grinding halt. No real CPU or Memory use or even HDD use but PC was like it is under Prime 95+Memory Stress at the same time with a 30 second delay in anything opening you clock on. Eventually I got a black screen with only the mouse pointer working. I had to press the reset button and PC then would not boot to Windows at roughly the stage where Ad-Aware loads so it was stuck loading. I had to press the reset button again and boot to safe mode and use MSCONFIG to disable Ad-Aware and it started properly this time. This is a total joke, the whole version 7 and 8 are buggy crap.
  8. Hmm, I'm pretty sure I edited my post to add that the set to ignore finally works but my PC is being scanned multiple, times per hour for no reason and no just at startup. I will keep an eye on it today after update.
  9. Today's new update/fix thinks the latest new build of VLC is suspect. c:\program files (x86)\videolan\vlc\plugins\libi422_yuy2_sse2_plugin.dll [url=""][/url] I have added it to ignore but it keeps randomly (not just at startup) scanning my PC and asking me to take action once again.
  10. Finally fixed today, now it says "Software Is Already Up To Date " instead of reinitialising every time for no reason.
  11. I must have been on 8.1.2 then as i update all the time in the hope one day its actually good.
  12. Apart from not nuking my Serial/Last Scan and Schedule during program update, what's actually new ? Seems nothing fixed that I and others have asked for multiple times. Am I right in thinking I may have gone from 1.8.1 to 1.8.3 although I update it every day ?
  13. [quote name='cootmaster' post='113985' date='Dec 4 2009, 04:47 PM']ok it updated fine for me today to 0107 oddly i thought that was yesterfdays defs[/quote] 2nd update today (4th Dec), now 0108.
  14. [quote name='cootmaster' post='113971' date='Dec 4 2009, 04:10 AM']i didnt import i downloaded unzipped then replaced file[/quote] I did both methods and it does not work, its still the 1st Dec (restart LS and even PC). TODAY (4th Dec) its fixed by a new updated DEF.
  15. [quote name='cootmaster' post='113963' date='Dec 4 2009, 02:16 AM'][url=""]read dl zip and go[/url] i seemed fix it 1 fixed itself 2 after manually updating it fixed 3 both users try manually update then test[/quote] It doesn't fix it, that must be the last update on the 1st Dec as I grabbed that manual DEF and imported it and then put it in the folder manually as I thought it did not import correctly but it had. I was not at my PC for 2 days so do not know if there was an update since but it still opens and then closes with no MSG like Update not needed or whatever it normally says. So its safe to assume that that Def dated 1st Dec broke it and we need wait on a new file.
  16. [quote name='cootmaster' post='113934' date='Dec 3 2009, 04:47 PM']hi some reason today i press update button and then the update box comes up but then the update box just disappears i cant update whats going on hmm i manually updated and now seems run now but its still showing 106[/quote] Same for me today (pc was not on yesterday).
  17. Do not confuse CPU % with CPU time as this is what you see in the Task Manager by default in the Processes Tab (its different on Vista and Win 7). I'm on Vista and my System Idle Process is 98 right now, but that does not mean my CPU Cores are at 98%.
  18. I was a Beta tester so its possible your code does not update the build correctly as I'm on the latest (other days main program update) Final build (8.1.1). As I said it was working after it was fixed in a previous build now its broken again. MIRC 6.35 (paid for not trial). Ad-Aware 8.1.1 Vista 64 Ult SP2 EDIT : Ok there has been 2 updates since the major update that caused this. I can now load MIRC without any issues, thing is I had disabled Processes Protecting and it seems to tun itself back on next reboot.
  19. Ok I read your guide but I have not even done a scan since this update. I cannot run MIRC as it is blocked by the Processes Protection in Ad Watch (ok I can run it by disabling or ignoring it) but you know what I mean. I will guess and say you can use the "RPProcess" I will send instead, if not I will do a scan and send its results. RPProcess.rar
  20. Once again MIRC is seen as a virus and blocked. This was same with a previous build but then fixed, so much for the new engine putting false positives behind us. Seems its 2 steps forward and 1 step backwards ever since the days of Ad-Aware 7 onwards.
  21. I cannot comment on the crapware in normal mode as I always choose custom mode to install so I have never seen normal mode (because I know vendors try to do this kind of thing). So if they still give you a choice that's good but as a Pro user I rather not have it in the file talking up most of the file size period.
  22. Mines says Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security (8.1.0) LOL.
  23. He is correct, it comes with crap like Goggle Chrome etc. I always choose Custom Install, not sure if you choose normal will Chrome sneak on. I grabbed the new build as soon as it was mentioned (no posts here yet) and it was names .EXE (correct no file name lol), later on it was given a proper full file name from same official site. BTW I am also a PRO user (not a happy one) and do not expect crap to even come with something I paid for, ok if its free and even then most vendors still give you a choice.