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  1. My PC runs Windows XP. I am running the current version of AAW 2007: Twice, now, I have gotten an error window called "Ad Aware 2007 An error has occured". In the window it says: Cleaning UNABLE TO REMOVE FILE Suggested Action 0 Will be removed after you have restarted your computer To my mind, this is not a very helpful message. It would be nice to know which of the files I was trying to remove caused the problem. Also, the first time this happened, I was trying to remove cookies selectively, BUT, after I restarted my computer, ALL of the cookies were gone. Bill Denholm
  2. My OS is Windows XP. I run the latest version of AAW 2007, that is:, with the current definitions file: 0021.0000. Lately there seem to be times when the program doesn't scan for tracking cookies. It seems to be unpredictable. I never know, these days, whether it will or won't. Are other people seeing this, too? Bill Denholm
  3. I agree. I don't know why it is taking Lavasoft so long to resolve some of the really annoying issues with AAW 2007. Bill Denholm
  4. I am running the free version of Ad-Aware 2007 version with Windows XP and IE7. Today, Saturday, July 28, when I checked for updates, it found three of them and asked me if I want to download them. I said I did. Near the end of the update I got an application error window. The title of the window (in the blue bar) was “Ad-Aware2007.exe – Application Errorâ€. The error message in the window read: “The exception unknown software exception (0x0eedfade) occurred in the application at location 0x7c812a5b.†The program seemed to work normally after the update. Is there anything that I should do? Bill Denholm
  5. Tobias, All I know is that when 0008.0000 was released, 2007 didn't tell me that a new file was available. Bill Denholm
  6. 5thgreen, I don't know how to reinstall SE, no. Lavasoft might know. When I installed 2007, it offered to delete SE for me, and I told it not to. I have had no probelms running both and don't plan to give up SE until more of the bugs have been worked out of 2007. Bill Denholm
  7. 5thgreen, I have tried it both ways, that is I have run 2007 first, and let it delete all the cookies if finds (usually 30 - 50). It is when I do this that I am most likely to have problems with Earthlink and/or Yahoo. If I run SE first, however, and let it delete the cookies it finds, and then run 2007, 2007 will still find cookies (that were not deleted by SE) but even if I delete/remove some or all of them, I rarely have any problesm with Earthlink or Yahoo. Bill Denholm
  8. Tobias, It (15) doesn't for me. I have to click on the update button. Bill Denholm
  9. Steve, SE shows me 2o7 cookies for Earthlink and other customers. I delete them and nothing bad happens. I only have the problem when 2007 deletes my "real" Earthlink (or Yahoo) cookie. Bill
  10. Tobias, Now I seem to be having another problem. If I let 2007 delete all of my tracking cookies, even though Earthlink remembers me, I seem to be losing my Yahoo setting. That is not good, either. *sigh* Bill
  11. Tobias, I downloaded version and used it to do a scan. I let it remove all the tracking cookies that it found, 39 in my case. The good news is that Earthlink didn't forget me, so maybe that problem is solved. I would like to think so. The bad news is that when I did a scan using SE, it found seven "ghosts" that were left behind after 2007 did its remove. Is this a known problem and do you have any idea why 2007 is doing it? Bill Denholm
  12. I am running with Windows XP, IE 7 and the free version of Ad-Aware 2007. I check the Lavasoft site on a daily basis to see if new versions of the definition files have been released. Friday or Saturday, when 0006.0000 was released, I updated 2007, but the status page still showed 0005.0000 after the update. I had to exit the program and come back in before I saw 0006.0000 as the version for the definitions file. I tried to post this message two days ago, but I don't see it so I am trying again. Bill Denholm
  13. Tobias, I see (or have seen) both cookies, with and without the 2o7. My impression, which may be wrong, is that 2o7 tries to get a free ride on a number of cookies, not just Earthlink's. I don't have this problem when I let SE delete cookies called "", which happens practically every day. Bill
  14. I am running Windows XP, using IE 7, and the Free version of Ad-Aware 2007. I go to the Lavasoft site everyday to see if there are any updates. Today, it told me that 0006.0000 was available for Ad-Aware 2007. I did the update, and got the pop-up saying that the update had been successfully completed, but my status screen still showed 0005.0000. It wasn't until I exited the program and came back in that it showed me 0006.0000. Bill Denholm
  15. Korab, I didn't even know there was such a feature as TrackSweeper. But to answer your question, I didn't change anything in that screen. Everything there is off (a white X in a red circle). Bill