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  1. I am also frustrated with my inability to see the results of a scheduled scan. Equally annoying: have you tried to change, delete stop or view the progress of a scheduled scan? All are impossible. Like you, I use AVG Anti-spyware and find its interface during and after scans to be ideal. I also use Counterspy, though it seems to find less thatn AVG. My old Ad-Aware SE found cookies that neither AVG nor Counterspy picked up, and I suppose that's why I'm holding out hope that Lavasoft will eventually return to that standard with AAW 2007.
  2. I am having the same problem: I can neither edit nor delete a scheduled task. Add that to the inability to stop a scheduled scan without going into task manager and ending the aawservice.exe process, and dealing with a scan at an unwanted time becomes beyond frustrating. I would hope that Lavasoft would be addressing issues with the paid version of AdAware 2007 before those with the free one.
  3. Thank you, Michel, for your response. I am able to stop a scan if I have manually started one, but if an automatic scan is running, there is no AdAware interface, not even an icon in the system tray. When I try to open AdAware to access the interface, I receive an error message saying that AdAware is already open. I recall now that the main reason I upgraded from SE was for the automatic scan feature. Obviously I now regret that.
  4. I was very happy with AdAware SE and am wondering why in the world I ever decided to "upgrade" (which seems quite a misnomer) to 2007. I have the Pro version and have it scheduled to run a full scan every night. I can't *see* the scan running, however, and never see any results or opportunities to delete infections (if I open the program and look at my statistics, I can see that it has run 22 scans, found 1179 infections and removed 1 of them). Tonight I needed to use my computer while a scan was evidently running, but I could not figure out how to pause or cancel it (everything was running too slowly while it was scanning) nor could I see the scan's progress so I could determine how long I might have to wait until it finished on its own. I finally resorted to going into Task Manager and shutting down the aawservice.exe process because AdAware did not even show up as an application there. Is there something else I could have done? I am so frustrated with this product and am baffled as to how it ever made it out of the Beta phase.
  5. I am having the same issues. It is frustrating because AdAware SE was such a great product. I used several antispyware programs (AVG AntiSpyware, Spybot and Counterspy), but AdAware SE always found the most infections. Now the others are still removing 20 or so a day, but AdAware 2007 has found nothing since 6/12 and has only removed 4 infections since I bought it on 6/6. I knew that Lavasoft had run AdAware 2007 as a beta for a while and was wondering why in the heck this issue didn't come up then. It's interesting to hear a beta user say it was happening during the testing phase. Hard to figure why Lavasoft proceeded with the launch. I have always used the paid versions of AdAware because I don't mind supporting a good product, but I am definitely not getting my money's worth yet on this one. I hope these problems will be resolved soon.
  6. The Plus version is having the same issue. Is Ad-Watch deleting infections as my system encounters them?
  7. I'm worried no one will answer my post as it has fallen so far down the queue.
  8. I have AdAware 2007 Plus. I have scheduled it to run an auto scan during the night. In the morning when I open AdAware and look at the scan statistics, it shows that the scan has run and that it has found x number of infections but removed 0. I cannot find the list of what it found so that I can remove them manually. The help files don't contain any more information than the descriptions provided on the program screens so they aren't really very helpful. Also, AdAware 2007 is not finding nearly the numbers of infections that my old AdAware did. Is AdWatch stopping these before they get on my system? Thank you.