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  1. i agree wholeheartedly with your comments, in this day and age there is not one program available that can afford complete protection on its own and everyone should have several levels of protection. polygon
  2. come on everyone show your support for lavasoft, i mean lets face it whether you have used the paid or free ad-aware programs from lavasoft in the past they have supported all of us with a first class product, and they will get this new version right before long they have already addressed some of the bugs and will sort them all before long, come on they have supported us lets us support them. polygon
  3. saying that something 'appears' to be one thing or another is not stating as a fact that it is now ok, this is mine and i might add other users experience with 'ad-aware 2007' as it is now, there are many more people out there who are having no trouble with this product than are, as for your comment of 'may be better than it was' it is obvious to everyone (apart from you it seems) that it is in fact a whole lot better. polygon
  4. it is far more stable than it was on release, and nowhere do i say that all 'bugs' have been ironed out, of course if you hold this program in such low esteem that you regard it to be still full of 'bugs' you could uninstall it then maybe your paranoia will decrease, after all if you can not aknowledge that real progress as been made with 'ad-aware 2007' then you must be suffering from something, remember you do not have to use this product the choice is yours, of course i am presuming that you do use the product, if not what is your problem? as for reading the posts in this forum, i do so frequently, and it must have escaped your attention that a lot of them are duplicated topics the only difference being that the people who have written them have explained the problems they are having differently. polygon
  5. things are definitely better now with 'ad-aware 2007' than they have been since the product was released it now appears to be stable and runs a whole lot better than it did at the start, it seems that now it is running as the 'beta testing' (in which i played a part) showed that it would this is a great relief to me as now i can start to rely on it again in stead of worrying that it might do something it should'nt. polygon
  6. it is better to uninstall older versions of ad-aware before installing the new version doing it the other way round has caused problems for other users including myself, as for the reliability of the new version i would say that it is now nearing the reliability of the older versions, and would definitely give it space on my hard drive. polygon
  7. ad-watch not loading at start-up does seem to be a problem more than one user is experiencing but as i said earlier i am sure lavasoft are aware of it and will solve the problem before long, i am glad to see that you have managed to sort most of your issues out. polygon
  8. you are of course quite correct there have been various problems with ad-aware 2007 including those you mention here but if you read some of the posts within this forum i am sure you will find answers to yuor problems which i am certain have been addressed already by lavasoft. polygon
  9. dont know if you are still out there 'pootang' but if you are try the 'ad-aware 2007' program now most of the bugs have been fixed and it now performs well. polygon
  10. well we have had a bit of a roller coaster ride just lately with this program, but it would appear that at long last we can start to relax and begin to trust 'ad-aware 2007' of course there are still some 'bugs' to be ironed out buton the whole i feel it is nearly sorted, yes i know others will not agree with me in fact i was one of those others, but real progress has been made and it will not be long before things are much better for everyone. polygon
  11. i just want it to work as well as 'se' did. polygon
  12. sounds very much like yet another 'bug' that needs ironing out, it does seem a shame that a lot of the functionality that was available in all versions of ad-aware se is just not there in this new and much vaunted product. i am just glad i am only using the free version at this moment, and can only imagine how frustrating it must be for those who have paid for it. polygon
  13. i dont really mind the trouble i have had with 'ad-aware 2007' i think we have all learned something from this experience,BUT!!!!! why oh why has this program chosen to (backward) update ie, definition file 0004.0000 is now showing as being installed it was version 0006.0000 BEFORE THE UPDATE!!!! oh by the way the automatic update pops up when i start 'ad-aware' and firstly tells me my defs are out of date then tells me they are up to date, also apparently now the 'gui' version i have is again this was BEFORE THE UPDATE!!!! this whole saga is now becoming just one big joke with the laugh being on us, i have stood by this program and even defended it in recent weeks but how can i do that now when things seem to be getting worse not better, well i will now give it ONE more week then it comes off my pc never to return, i am so dissapointed at this moment it makes me feel sick. polygon apparently some fool turned an update server on without updating it first!!!!!! now i have def version 0006.0000 back and also gui version, at this moment i do not know if i should laugh or cry, i for one still need some convincing that this program is worth keeping on my pc, although i will admit the comedy of errors that is happening on a daily basis is quite entertaining, even if it does not fill me with confidence that the program will ever be 'bug' free!!!! polygon
  14. yes there are places on the net you can get the se version just search a bit and you will find it, probably be a good idea if you downloaded it now ready for when you need it polygon