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  1. mmmmm okay. well anyway, now my computer is getting really slow. when i turn it on and then try to get on the internet, sometimes i go to taskmanager to see what programs are taking up all of my memory or whatever and usually the program taking up the most memory is swdoctor.exe or svhost.exe. it always happens when i turn on my computer and try to get on the internet. i used to think it was because my computer does a scan of every action i take to make sure there are no viruses and whatever there but it slows my computer down so much. sometimes it takes up 100% memory. sometimes i end task on the program, svchost.exe or swdoctor.exe and the problems go away. now, i do know that svhost.exe is a real windows process and it does many behind the scenes actions and there are often many svchost.exe's going on at a given time but when svchost.exe is at the top of the list of programs and taking up the most memory, i know that there is something else going on there. i think it may be relevent to spyware or adware or something. also, i have noticed that recently, since this stupid Protection Bar is on my internet explorer, whenever i end task on svchost.exe or swdoctor.exe, my sound goes away. i click on the speaker to try to turn up or down the volume on my computer and it tells me there are no active sound mixers available. i don't know what a mixer is but i know i defintely bought my laptop with sound cards etc installed so the sound should not be a problem. HELP, I DON'T KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH MY COMPUTER.
  2. Mmmm, the View>Toolbars thing did not work. I just don't want to see it at all. I only want to see my address bar, followed by my AOL toobar and then my tabs. But now there's this "protection bar" thingy up there and I just wanna get rid of it. I think it may have something to do with this thing that got downloaded on my computer called Spyware Doctor. I don't know what it does though, or even if its really a program or just spyware. I don't know what Ad-aware is but I would love to remove it if it means the protection bar will disappear. Anyway, it's still there and I tried your advice. What else ya got for me?
  3. I couldn't take a screenshot from my computer but I found a picture of what I'm talking about. The bar in this picture is the same one that I'm trying to get rid of. PLUS I would still like to know how to take a screenshop on my laptop when there is NO printscreen button. I didn't think you could do that because they took the clipboard out of the Start>Accessories>System Tools menu. I used to take screen shots all the time with my Windows 98 PC.
  4. well I tried to take a screen shot but it didn't work. I have a laptop so there's no printscreen button. What do I do now? Is there another way I can make a screen shot?
  5. Okay, now I know that many other people have posted this same topic but I'm kinda computer illiterate so I was hoping could give me special attention because I'm not sure what to do. I don't have like fancy spyware removers and stuff. I have an expired subscription to Norton and I have something called Symantec but I don't really know how to work those programs. Anyway, there's an unwanted protection bar in my internet explorer. What do I do? I was hoping to kinda get the dumb version on how to remove this because I don't know too much about the inner workings of a computer. Also Keep in mind that i DO NOT have all that fancy anti this and anti that sofeware. I was hoping someone could walk me through the removal telling all the things i may need to dowload and such because when I tried to read some other posts about the issue, it was kinda situation specific so what worked for their computer may be slightly different for mine. I've got Windows XP Home. I don't know about that 2PS or whatever. Mmmm and I have Internet Explorer 7. I don't really know much else to say about my computer. Can someone help me!!