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  1. Thank you very much for your cooperation Best wishes Roberto
  2. Hallo Tobias, May be you referred to Critical Objects to be quarantined.(your points 1. 2. 3 .4.) The test that I made shows only Privacy Objects that perhaps cannot be quarantined, and only remouved. Up tp now I never had Critical Objects (Lucky me) and will repeat the test when I will find some Please confirm if what above is ok. Sorry to bother you again Thanks Roberto
  3. It does not work 1. I select the items 2. I came back and click Quarantine button 3. Then click the Remove button 4. All is remouved 5. Nothing is shown in quarantine window What Have I to do? Thanks Roberto
  4. So in order to have automatic quarantine I have to upgrade to paid version. In this right? (this was not compulsory on previous version) I will try to not using this setting to see if quarantine button appears Thanks Roberto
  5. Hallo, In have klicked the “Settings†button and selected the “Auto Scans†tab. under “Safety,†and checked the button next to “Quarantine objects prior to removal.†as suggested in the program help. But after performing the scan procedure nothing is going into quarantine. How can I use the quarantine to bde safe? Thanks and remain Roberto Stoppa [email protected]