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  1. OK, AM088, thanks for the demo. This illustrates the fact that the service aawservice.exe can be set to manual, that it will be activated when Ad-Aware 2007 is launched, and that it will stay nevertheless set to manual, preventing it from being started on next boot. Fine. But whet happens if Ad-Aware, through a regular scan, has detected a malware which may only be removed after reboot? Since the service aawservice.exe is set to manual, it will not be launched on reboot, and the malware will not, in this case, be removed... this means that if removing the malware after reboot is notified after the scan, than one has to return to the services and reset aawservice.exe to 'automatic' before rebooting, right? Complicated... Why is it not possible for Ad-Aware 2007 to have its aawservice.exe service set to 'manual' by default and reset to 'automatic' in case a malware requiring reboot for removal be detected?
  2. OK, LS Tobias, and thanks. Still, this aawservice.exe Service holds 20-30Mb of RAM, which is far more than advanced all-in-one security systems!
  3. Is is too much asking to have a reply? What is this forum, a show or a support?
  4. I had no problem installing Ad-Aware 2007 on a XP SP2 Home system, but I had removed Ad-Aware (Ad-Aware Plus SE 1.06) before (if that counts). What I don't understand, is the purpose of the Aawservice, but I've pointed that out on the required Lavasoft Support Forum ... Long live Ad-Aware!
  5. First of all, hello to all and congratulations to the Ad-Aware team for their brand new Ad-Aware 2007! Now, as Martyoplastic stated, I'd be happy to understand the purpose of the Aawservice which starts set to Automatic, even on the free edition, that is even with Ad-Watch disabled. It does occupy some 20-30Mbs of RAM, and occupies that RAM even with no Ad-watch component other than itself running. Does anyone have any information on this issue? Thanks!