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  1. I've had LS 2007 for two weeks and there are still many bugs (doesn't keep settings such as having AdWatch begin at start-up, etc). It's a nuisance. What's the procedure to get a refund? I'm looking into Zone Alarm. I had AdAware SE for three years without a single problem. I cannot say the same for this version.
  2. It's comforing to know that at least LS is aware and diligently working on the problem. So me, Propel, and Bob2 can relax a bit. Hopefully, the cavalry won't take too long to arrive! FK
  3. Propel, You are confusing Ad Aware with AdWatch. Yes, Ad Aware has a SAVE button under SETTINGS. But, Ad Watch does not. This is a minor but significant shortcoming for this product. It ain't ready yet for prime time.
  4. Hello, AdWatch7 Does Not Load at Start Up. I have repeatedly changed the settings only to have it not take when I reboot the computer. I go AdWatch7 Plus > Settings > Load Ad-Watch on Start up. In addition, when I go to turn off the computer, I get a message asking if I am sure I want to close Ad-Watch. Related to the start up issue? Any ideas? AdAware SE Plus NEVER gave me any problems. Thanks