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  1. I've uninstalled Opera. I don't really need four browsers. Fixed the problem for me, but obviously not for you.
  2. Any progress? What concerns me is that by the time it reaches the crash site I am told it has found an ever-increasing number (currently 40, and rising) of infections, but I am not being given an opportunity to action these. This number continues to rise even after running my other adware programs.
  3. I've now run a scan with each of the above except ZA and Avira shut down, but not with more than one shut down. Same result every time.
  4. Yes:- ZoneAlarm Pro Spyware Guard Spybot Resident BHODemon Avira Antivir ProcessGuard BOClean WinPatrol I'll try disabling some of them over the next day or so and let you know. Not Avira or ZA though.
  5. Incidentally, my last update still shows as 20/09/07. I have updated at least twice since then. But of course that doesn't really matter since I can't run a scan, does it.
  6. State of play after updating to The scan stops at the same place - Opera Profile. I get the Microsoft message as per my earlier post. The service then closes, but the scan doesn't. Instead of the Service Error 6100 window the scan goes directly to the summary window, suggesting the scan has completed, which of course it hasn't. So you've removed the error message. Big deal. I have the dump, but it's too big to upload.
  7. If it's any consolation, XP users are getting error 6100 as well. It's not confined to Vista.
  8. Here it is. Just made it - fully zipped
  9. Doesn't matter what you set it to. There are 3 threads running here on this theme, and I reckon what's happenining is that aawservice.exe is what's crashing during scans - see my thread
  10. Make that four of us. I have another thread started with the same problem. This is obviously a bug, not a problem on our machines.
  11. Running the free version on XP home SP2. Date of last update shows as Sept 2nd, although I have updated (apparently successfully) at least twice since then, and further update attempts say I am up to date. Which really doesn't matter, because I can't run a scan anyway. Any attempted scan results in the following:- Service error: 6100 has occurred. Description: Lost connection with Ad-Aware service. Terminating gracefully... So far, always while scanning Opera Cookies.
  12. In a word - rubbish. I have two large drives full of mp3s and nothing else, which I do NOT need scanned. Show me that option in settings.
  13. A comparatively minor rant - custom scan is no longer an option in the free version. That sucks.