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  1. Bingo!!! Firewall proved to be the problem and updates are now fine Regards Carper
  2. I personally do not use Windows Firewall but use Zone Alarm as my firewall. There is a thought, I will see if there is anything there which might be the problem. Regards carper
  3. Thanks for your reply. No I do not use NIS but use AVG which I have not known to obstruct any previous programme including AdAware SE. I am new to this forum and thought that I had posted my reply before but I may have done something wrong. Hope this brings more information. Since my original enquiry I have run programme repair in Add/Remove programme, but the results are just the same. I think I am just about reaching the point of giving up Regards Carper
  4. Hi, I have recently download Ad-Aware 2007 Free edition and each time I click on the icon I get the message SSL DOWNLOAD FAILED Suggested action RUN WEB UPDATE. When I try to do this I still get the message. The message panel overlays the main panel and if I cancel I am able to run a scan. If I press the manual update I get the same message. Any help would be appreciated. By the way I have installed and uninstalled the programme a number of times with the same result. Regards Carper