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  1. log in and contact support via this site and request refund with your reasons,thats what i did and they refunded no probs,it's just a shame about 2007 as SE was good software
  2. if you want a refund contact support and request it,and in fairness it was the quickest and best response i had from them,, i went back to SE as well, .when the bugs are sorted i may consider giving pro another go.
  3. i contacted support and within 24 hrs they emailed me back agreeing to refund and that was about 25 days after purchase so in fairness they do respond to refund requests
  4. Sorry friend ,but there is not much help to be had here ,but welcome to worldwide plus/pro cannot registar club
  5. Yup , > still waiting a reply,maybe next week, i actually sent this email on 20/6/07 [ Hi > i had 2007 working and then my pc crashed,i did a system restore and = > when i tried to reactivate adwatch it keeps telling me that my serial = > key is invalid,i am using xp sp2 with bullguard 7 internet security and = > spyblaster, ihave made no hardware changes and have only installed on = > this pc[/size]
  6. Cheers Tobias ,i will give it i try
  7. Considering the number of users that are unable to validate their serial no's would it not be prudent for LS to post a note saying that they are trying to sort the problem out rather than have people clog the forum with rants and update the forum on as they investigate the problem.] Yes i am having the same problem although when i first downloaded 07 pro it activated ok but then my system crashed and i had to do a full recovery and now when i try to activate my serial no is invalid. . I have also tried following the posted instructions to no avail.
  8. hi ,im having same problems,i had adwatch working then pc crashed,now after complete reboot i am being told the serial no is invalid and yes i contacted support last nite and am awaiting a reply