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  1. Hi - Just making sure that we are all on the same page - I still get the EInvalid Pointer Application Error 00004119" when existing the update posted today (July 23, 2007).
  2. Tobias - Thank you for the response. It is my hope that it will be fixed as soon as is practical. Please do let me know if you need any information from me that I could provide - after all, I'd be helping you to help me. JMeyers
  3. Tobias, anyone at Lavasoft - I still have this problem, and I still cannot delete a scheduled job - my problem has not gone away, and I am getting increasingly frustrated that I am getting no responce or any indication whatsoever that this is being looked into and most importantly, FIXED. If I need to provide any kind of debug information, I will be glad to do, but I paid for two copies of Ad-Aware 2007, and they both have a problem severe enough that I am beginning to believe that I should not have registerd. Please assist, JMeyers
  4. Tobias - Any update on this? What makes my plight particularly annoying is that I set a full scan daily at an inopportune time, and now I cannot delete this scheduled job. Originally, I just set some paramenters for a scheduled job, presuming that it would be trivial for me to delete it or modify attributes of the job - I cannot delete it, and there appears to have been no thought whatsoever to allowing one to modify an existing scheduled job. Is there any information that I can provide? Seeking help, JMeyers
  5. That is precisely correct - I highlight the task in question, click the delete key, I get the ? dialog asking for confirmation, then when I click YES, I get a dialog with a large red X stating that "Could not delete selected scheuled task". This happens on TWO seperate machines with two seperately licensed copies. JMMeyers
  6. Hi - Just recently registered AdAware 2007 (Plus version); running Windows XP Home, all latest MS patches; Dell Dimension 9100 PC. I created a scheduled task on each of two identical (fully and individually) licensed PC's, and have the same issue - I cannot DELETE that previously created scheduled task in AdAware 2007 - what am I missing?