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  1. If you find someone let me know! I am having problems too with my recently purchased AAW plus but NO ONE from Lavasoft has bothered to get in touch with me!
  2. Me too and now I am really staring to feel ripped off by lavasoft, because they have yet to respond to me! Perhaps this needs to be reported to the BBB.????
  3. Thanks for your follow up. At least someone is replying to me, because after a few frustrating attempts I finally get to a an area to email support at lavasoft with my issue. But NO ONE is replying to me. In the meantime I deinstalled it and hoped to reinstall that that would correct the problem but it doesn't, still getting ERROR just trying to open up Ad Aware.
  4. Yes! I am having the same problem. I paid for the upgrade and I cannot get it to work at all. I deinstalled it and just tried to download the free one and I am still getting the same problem! I sent an email to Lavasoft support but have not heard back. Getting very frustrated!
  5. Thanks for the link. This must not be my day. Everything I try and click the link you have provided me with it kicks me off all together???
  6. I recently upgraded my ad aware to AAW 2007 plus. Each time I go to open it I get the follow: Component: TFormAAW Message: access violation @ address 005614Bo in module Ad-Aware2007.exe write address 00000008. I have no idea what to do to resolve this. Any help is most appreciated! Leza (ladyf1usa)