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  1. Thanks for the explanation Tobias, but sadly, you failed to address the MOST common question many people have. You justified the use of the service aawservice.exe. That's not the issue! I have no problem with Lavasoft electing to use a service. I don't even care (too much) that it uses way too many resources, when I am using it. What no one has successfully explained to me is why the service MUST remain running after I exit Ad-Aware 2007 - free or otherwise? Since the program has the rights to add and/or start the service, and set it to automatic (which is not needed either!), I don't buy that it does not have the rights to stop it. Since I am easily able to use the services applet to stop the service myself, with no apparent side effect other than 20 - 30Mb of freed up resources, the service is obviously not needed when Ad-Aware 2007 is not running. So the question, and frustration factor remains, why is the service left running when no longer needed - even after a reboot, especially when, for the free version, no real-time scanning capability exists? In regards to Ad-Aware 2007 "Free" being "free", I personally think it is wrong to look a gift horse in the mouth. But I expect to at least get my money's worth - that is, I don't necessarily expect the world, or a fully functional uncrippled program for nothing, but I don't expect a free program to have a crippling influence when not running either. And this does! I feel sorry for folks on a budget with limited technical skills and only 512Mb of RAM who are just trying to create a safe computing environment for their families. That's over 5% wasted resources (and that matters, IMO) and they won't have a clue how to recover it. I sincerely hope Lavasoft is working this issue hard. Most folks could live with a couple hundred Kbs, but not 20 - 30 Mb.