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  1. I can confirm that the problem has carried over. I still have to disable Norton Tamper Protection to enable Ad-Aware 8.1 to run a scan.
  2. Sorry I am not able to help with Norton 2009 as I have never used it. I am sure other members will be able to help DerekS
  3. I have followed HOTELLJACK advice as below and disabled Norton 360 Tamper Protection feature and the scan runs with no problem. Enable the Tamper Protection feature and the scan fails
  4. I have uninstalled Norton 360 due to other problems and was able to run scans with Ad-Aware without problem.The problem has only occured on my computer since Norton 360 updated to version
  5. I have the same problem with the scan freezing and unable to stop the program running unless I reboot. I have also disabled Norton 360 and the problem still exists. The Norton log shows unauthorised access by aawservice.exe logged
  6. I have received the following information from Lavasoft support regading the problem of update dependency failed. When the Update Manager have problems stopping the service before installing updates it will create the message "Update dependency failed". The Update Manager will try to stop the service until it succeeds and will not close unless the installation of the new update is complete. As long as you get "Installation finished" at the end of the update the installation of the update was carried out without problems. DerekS
  7. I have the same problem when downloading /public/aaw2008/antivir3vdf 1 of 1 100% `Update dependency failed` My current version is 0143.0001 XP service pack 3 IE 7 SuperAntispyware DerekS
  8. I to have same problems when downloading antivirus updates. It appears that the antivirus definitions adv1 &2 which create the problem. When this happens I close Adwatch via Task Manager and then click on the AdWatch icon to restart it DerekS
  9. I have now managed to download the software update with no problems. Regards DerekS
  10. I have exactly the same problem with the latest software update. "Update dependency failed" Regards DerekS
  11. I have just downloaded the latest software updates and got the following message "Not more than one instance of this application can be running at any time" It would appear the problem has not been resolved. DerekS
  12. I have just down loaded the latest software update this morning without the problem occuring. The issue appears to have been finaly resolved. Regards DerekS
  13. I am glad that other people are confused. I thought it was only myself. Regards DerekS
  14. I have down loaded the last software update without the problem occuring. The issue appears to have been resolved. Regards DerekS
  15. I have no problem with the antivirus updates, it is the software updates which create the problem for me. Regards DerekS