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  1. You are right! I disabled the firewall and the download manager worked. Next time I will try to experiment to see which executable is calling home so I can reconfigure the firewall instead of disabling it. Note to LavaSoft Folks: Maybe it's just my computer, software, or slow internet connection, but I thought that the download manager was a bit touchy. Even once I got it going, Task Manager showed it going to "not responding" status twice before succeeding on the third try. regards to all, ED
  2. I too have experienced the same problem. I am unable to determine if it is the Windows Firewall or my antivirus software (NOD32) that is blocking access to the SSL connection. Would it be possible to suggest more specifically how to diagnose this problem and how to configure the software to allow Ad-Aware 2007 to connect to the update server? Thank you.