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  1. still no reply from the moderators
  2. I think my title and subtitle explains my question. I am really disappointed with the Plus version of Ad-Aware (mainly ad-watch problems i.e non-stop blinking, slowing down internet access and many other problems already mentioned on the forum). I understand the money I paid to Lavasoft covers a 1-year licence only. And I have already wasted the first week of this licence by turning my Ad-watch off because of the annoying faults. There is no guarantee that these problems will be solved in a near future. Dear moderators and programmers: I'd like to have a refund, what do I need to do for this please?
  3. I'm having exactly the same problem. I hope there will be a solution soon.
  4. Great, that explains it. Thank you very much for your reply.
  5. Hi. I would be grateful for some sort of answer, as I didn't receive a reply to my email to the support team. The connect button on the Ad-Watch menu is greyed-out so I am unable to click on it. The Processes button above it is clickable but the list is empty. I checked the help on Ad-Aware 2007 but that wasn't very helpful. I am new to Ad-Watch and so far everything is going wrong. There are no explanations anywhere, so I don't know if it is happening because my licence does not cover this function or not. So is the connect button supposed to be greyed-out? And should the processes be listed? Many thanks in advance for the replies.
  6. So when is this new update coming then? I hate that flashing icon, so the only solution for me is to turn ad-watch off. Which is waste of my licence days, as I feel like I paid for something I am not using Is there a proper help file or a manual to download? The help section about ad-watch in ad-aware is useless. All it does is repeats what is already said. For example: · On detection only: Notification messages will only appear on detection of events. · Do not use notifications: Notification messages will not be used. (Thanks in advance by the way, and sorry to hijack the thread )