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  1. I have uninstalled 2007. I am patient, and will use the ad-aware SE. I NEED all the features you made SE so famous with ! I live with the registry protection and adwatch pop up detections - prompting me yah or nay for each attempted reg change. I need to have a "sites.txt" I can add bad boy urls to and know adaware just plane flat out blocks them ! Fooling with the hosts file and importing to a critical file like hosts could prove fatal if the basic IP's are screwed up on a wild import. Okay, I live in the hosts file to ! LOL LOL I was going through withdrawals watching 2007 NOT do what SE accomplishes. Sorry. I wait with patience using SE. How about Like windows having a "adaware classic" desktop (buttonology) configuration for us nervous on the network types ? I keep 2007 on hold, you keep my money and wish us both luck. ** no Fate ** dracman http://www.smokeypoint.com/tomb.htm
  2. Hello, I've just upgraded one of my P.C.'s to 2007. I need that adwatch SE pop up to inform me that your ad-aware is functioning proper. All I see is a flashing red shield with a bug on it. I need more re assurance than that ! If I have something in the configuration checked or not checked, I need to know how to get the pop up detection window like in SE. Nice feature to be able to edit my hosts file, maybe. What I need to see is that my sites.txt file is getting utilized. I add to this file manually. SO far I suspect 2007 is not even looking at this file. Have you eliminated the sites.txt feature ? The flashing shield has got to go. Just make it go red flash like the lollypop on the grey brick does in SE, as it kills pop up windows from web sites. Please Which so far 2007 does not kill pop up windows. Thanks in advance for your help, ** no fate ** dracman http://www.smokeypoint.com/tomb.htm