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  1. Thanks. Well to be honest, I'm afraid that 2008 is still full of bugs. Or am I wrong?
  2. Hi, I'm not ablo, for more than 2 weeks now, to download AAW 2007 updates ... Did you guys also quit supporting this version?
  3. Can anyone exactly explain how this tool works? I mean, does it automatically clean the 'tracks left behind' after closing firefox (or any other browser)? Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm also receiving an error. I'm using SE pro.
  5. Hi, How long do you guys still support (I mean, provide these users with security updates) this version? Thanks
  6. I was afraid to mess anything up, because I heard such bad stories...
  7. Hi guys (and girls), I'm still hesitating to buy ad-aware 2007. Because, last year, everyone told me that it is FULL of bugs. Are they fixed now, or are there still serious issues? I'd like to hear again some customer replies. So should I stick with 2006, or upgrade? THanks,
  8. Hello there, Thanks for your replies. My problem has been solved. Regards,
  9. Hello, So here is the story of my problem: I got limited bandwith from my ISP so def file downloading went very slow (with automatic update), so I decided to close it down after some minutes. Now, when I want to load ad-aware it says that the def files are corrupt. I guess it can be solved by downloading the defs manually. So now I have a file (defs.zip) where do I have to put them in order to let adaware work again? Thanks,
  10. Thanks, I'll wait for the next version then.
  11. Hi, I want to know from the other users how good the update to is. Are all bugs fixed? Which ones are left? And so on. Please post all problems here!
  12. Hi, I'm hesitating to buy ad aware 2007. I see that several (major) problems have been imported, it seems like there still are quiet much bugs. When do you release a new (as most as possible) bugfree version? Thanks,