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  1. What Operating System are you running? If you are using anything with the Vista code base (6000) you will need to run these commands (StartMenu>Run, or Windows Key>R): regsvr32 jscript.dll regsvr32 vbscript.dll If you are using Windows ME, 98 or lower you can't install Ad-aware 2007. You will need to download and install Ad-aware SE for older Operating Systems. -Mike Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Tester
  2. Wow, I wouldn't say it's still scanning. It probably got hung up on the same file/folder. You should be worried if it takes more than an hour. Usally scans take 30 minutes at the most. But 11 hours, that's a sign that it got hung on file. I would reboot the system and try scanning again, if it still hangs then I would uninstalled Ad-Aware. REBOOT (important step), and then reinstall. Hope this helps! -Mike Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Tester
  3. Did you upgrade from Windows 98 or Me to Windows 2003 Server or is this a clean install? And have you ever installed Norton AntiVirus 2003 on this machine? These may seem like weird questions but there is a problem with Windows that occures if you have done one of these. Also, have you tried redownloading Ad-Aware?
  4. robbiemcvee, Do you have Ad-Aware install too or did you just install Ad-Watch? 0xc0000096 means Privileged Instruction. You are running Vista right? Are you running Ad-Watch as administrator? Do you have UAC in decline mode? Try this for me if you are in Vista. Right click on the Ad-Watch shortcut and click "Run as administrator". Do you still get the same problem if you do here is what I would suggest. Completely uninstall all Lavasoft Products and make sure you save the keys (linceses of if you bought any you don't want to lose them). Now go to the run box (Start Menu - Vista ORB>Run) and type in "cleanmgr (without quotes) and press enter. Now a dialog will come up click on the button labeld "Files from all users on this computer" let it cleanup and then reboot your computer. Now please download a FRESH version of Ad-Aware from here. Please tell me if this has fixed your problem. If it hasn't I would like to continue help you with this problem. I'm here for you! -Mike Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Tester and Support
  5. The license you bought was it for Adware SE or for Ad-aware 2007. Adaware SE licenses will not work with 2007. Depending on when you bought your license we might be able to give you a discount or free license for 2007.
  6. As you may or may not know Linux and Mac are based on the Unix System. Linux and Macs do not get spyware or viruses or trojans or adware. People who make virues and pests for linux and Macs don't get very far because it's much harder to write a virus for linux or mac than for windows. There are a few people who try but not enough. Unless hackers start targeting Linux and Mac users heavily there will be no need for any AntiSpyware or AntiVirus on Linux or Macs. The reason such products exists though is because people who work in the offices and do business emails and such do not want to risk infecting windows users so they have linux security that detects Windows viruses they do not detect linux virues cause non really exist. Hope this clears things up. -Mike Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Tester and Support
  7. Smurfie, I would suggest that you completely uninstall ad-ware and then run a disk cleanup (Click on the Vista Orb>Run>and type in cleanmgr and press enter) and click on "Files from all users on this computer". Once finished, reboot. Download a FRESH copy of Ad-aware 2007 from here. Please tell me if that fixed the problem. If it didn't there might be something more serious going on with your computer. Hopefully there isn't though. -Michael Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Tester and Support
  8. The only thing I can think of is that Ad-aware is clearing your cookies. Which then resets your logged in status. Other than that have you checked the box that says "Remember Me" on those pages?
  9. Does the program have permission to scan Photoshop, are you running as a limited user or admin? -Mike Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Tester Support Specialist
  10. As far as I know you need the portable Ad-Aware 2007 I will not link to it because it is not made by Lavasoft someone else put together a portable edition. But google search for it you will find the link it is on rapidshare.
  11. It could be a different program why 7:30 PM (19.30), try a different time see if that helps if it still does it check for Spyware and viruses it could very well be spyware or viruses restarting your computer to prevent Ad-Aware from updating (I've seen that happen many times). Mike Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Tester and Support
  12. it isn't in beta so I don't know what you mean. It isn't buggy it's fine it just doesn't work with Vista at the moment. And why would you use Ad-aware 6 that is the oldest version of ad-aware. Ad-aware 1.06 SE is the latest apart from 2007. Mike Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Tester and Support
  13. what operation system are you using and is it already infected with malware? Mike Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Tester and Support
  14. try doing this: If you are using Vista (why would you be): Start>type in CMD in the search right click on the cmd.exe found and click "Run as Administrator". Once at the command prompt type "regsvr32 vbscript.dll" (without quotes). If you are using XP/2003 then just goto Start>Run (also accessible by using Windows Key-R) and type "regsvr32 vbscript.dll" (without quotes). Now try to uninstall... Hope this helps you. Michael Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Tester