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  1. I sent a request to the customer support on saturday, ok, its weekend. Lsmatthias asked me to send the order number, i did that, no response I sent another request to the customer support on monday. And still: I GOT NO SINGLE RESPONSE!!! Is there a support ? It feels like haha your problem you bought our product. Sorry for beeing upset, but if I would deal with my customers in that way, i would loose my job at once ! I've gave them a deadline on friday, otherwise I will take my 14 days cancelation right and request my money back.
  2. Well, more and more I think that it was no good idea to buy adaware ... got no response for the moment, lets wait what the day will show ...
  3. I send it to you mattias. Thx 4 your help in advance
  4. Sorry for repeating myself all the time -> -> I use uppercase letters, -> I select the correct product, -> I select the correct license time, -> I enter it at the serial number. It says: The serial key you entered appeared invalid!
  5. As I wrote I've entered, verified and checked that all more than 10 times, it doesn't work. Serial is entered correctly, case-sensitiv, with dash "-", no copy/paste and at serial number.
  6. I've bought Ad-Aware 2007 Pro with 12 Month License. I've got the email with the serial number. But it always says that the Serial Number seems to be invalid. > I enter it by hand no copy/paste > I keep care about case sensitiveness > I enter it at serial number not at unlock key > the program has access through my firewall What can be done here ? Contacted the support already but got no answer at all thx 4 your answers in advance