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  1. Your comment on word games is exactly what I was getting at, while Lavasoft calls it a final anyone with experience knows that it is more like a RC1 or RC2. The final is still aways off with no vista support, and the huge number of Issues/bugs that people are having.
  2. I agree with you 100%, no matter what some people are saying on the forum this software does have BUGS. Some are caused by apps other than Ad-Aware and that is to be expected with a new release, I cant think of any final release of software that has come out with no bugs of any sort in it. I could be wrong or you could just be in some sort of strange denial I have never heard of
  3. Sorry to say this Overmind but a issue is related to a bug in the software, if the software locks up and or crashes and if it is because of something in Ad-Aware crashing it is a bug. So Issue = Bug in the software in this case And software that is a final version does not mean that it is any where near bug free, and software is released with known bugs all the time. Lavasoft is no different, they released the new ad-aware with known issues/bugs (How ever you want to call it) related to vista. I am not saying that everything is only Lavasoft's fault, just that everything is not as sweet as you may think it is.