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  1. Tobias, you were perfectly clear, and so was I. What I am saying is that just to stop being bothered by what are seemingly non-threatening registry changes, you have to individually "allow" every one of them (at least once), or go back to the "on detection only" setting (which I have) which as far as I can tell, does nothing to block anything. Now, if it does block malicious registry changes, and I just haven't run into one, tell me and I will be happy (except, you could quit logging the non-malicious ones). To the last respondees (JLC) statement - indeed you haven't adressed the "cookies" issue.
  2. I followed Tobias' suggestions and here is what happened. First, TegShield began prompting me for every change. If you look at the log, I run about 400-500 during the week, and 500-800 on weekends. Clearly responding to every one of these would leave no tome to get any work done. That is not the answer Tobias! What we need is something a bit mor discriminating; something that would determine that if such-and-such a change were made, it would disrupt the stability of the system. THere are a number of registry cleaners available (I use ToniArts Easy Cleaner because it's free and good) that get rid of all kinds of junk in the registry. They somehow know what is mostly OK to get rid of. LS needs to invest more effort in this area to produce a product that is worth paying for. Regarding cookies, I also tried Tobias' recommendation. I turned TrackSweep off in the main status window. I cleared cookies with CookieMonster II. I've run since that time. I just looked at the log - still zero cookies. I rand Cookie Monster II, it says I have 47 cookies, which I deleted. I know that CookieMonster II is indiscriminate about which cookies it logs (it logs everything). Perhaps TrackSweep is only looking for harmful cookies. If so, it is operating like RegShield should and vice versa!
  3. Same for me. Zero in all categories except for registry changes (which, BTW, it isn't blocking). I have Cookie Monster II, and it removes lots of cookies, so I know Ad-Watch isn't doing that. In fact, I don't think Ad-Watch is doing anything except counting registry changes.
  4. Since I installed the update, Ad-Watch has stopped working again. It stopped midday yesterday when I installed the update, and hasn't logged anything since then - across a boot too!
  5. Interesting. The new update cleared today's log of registry changes, but none of the previous days. Anyway, Ad-Watch is off and counting again. If Lavasoft is listening, I'd like a way to clear log entries by day. I could keep a week or so if I'd like and delete the rest. The ability to tell Lavasoft what in the registry you want to be blocked is nice, but a little over the heads of most people, including me. Maybe giving us a fully populated list and letting us turn off ones we find harmless might be a better approach. Better yet, be a little more discriminating in wht is harmful and what is not when you acutally get around to blocking registry changes.
  6. I think Lavasoft monitors this board, but I think they're pretty busy, if you read all the stuff going on here. If you read through the entries in theis forum, you are not alone in having problems; we all are. If you post your problem, or piggyback on someone else's with a similar problem, you may not get an answer, but you'll be part of the collective spirit of frustration growing here and maybe feel better. If it's a cockpit problem that one of us has overcome, we might even be able to help.
  7. I'm running IE7, but I'm guessing that you have the box clicked in Ad-Aware to integrate with Internet Explorer. I've never been brave enough to do that. I did go through the log files and had the same experience you had with not being able to read the XML files. Moreover, I can't find out how to empty the Ad-Watch log file anywere. I was a beta tester, and was astonished when they said they were going live based on what I was experiencing in beta. THis is a product that definitely wasn't ready for prime time!
  8. I was a beta tester, and ad-Aware 2007 hardly ever found anything, unlike ad-Aware SE. However, I chalked that up to being more discriminating because most of the time the stuff SE found was harmless. Ad-Aware 2007 did find one problem so far for me, and did quarantine it, which I later deleted. As for ad-Watch, at one point in the beta cycle, it was asking permission (for everything!) If you look at the logs, you can see that you would have no time to get any work done on your computer if it continued to act that way. You'd be constantly responding to change requests (just today I've had 661, no 662, no 664....). So, after a while during beta, I had RegShield turned off. Somewhere in the beta period, they must have changed ad-Watch to work (or not work) the way it does now. The real question is when we will get an ad-Watch (RegShield) that just protects the sensitive parts of the registry and only logs attempts to change those sensitive parts (AND ASKS PERMISSION WHEN THE CHANGES ARE GOING TO BE MADE!)
  9. Hold on. It started working again. Still not blocking anything, but blinking and counting.
  10. I tried that and it didn't work. I can enable RegShield, but still nothing happens. TO make sure, I changed the registry by hand, and nothing happened. No log entry or blinking icon.
  11. After trying to clean up the log files, Ad-Watch stopped adding entries (all the old ones are still there) and, of course, the little icon in the system tray stopped blinking at me. So, no more entries are being added - RegShield is not working! I went in to Ad-Watch and turned everything off, and then back on again, but it won't let me turn RegShield back on. WHat now?
  12. I think that only critical stuff can be quarantined, not MRU stull like before, but I could be wrong. Ad-Aware doesn't seem to find much, even with TAI = 0!
  13. Lavasoft...where are you on an answer to this. I have the same problem. These programs are apparently doing nothing even with the TAI level set to zero.
  14. I closed Ad-Watch and deleted every file in the log directory save the template, and restarted Ad-Watch. All of the log entries were still there, and growing. Seems that Ad-Watch is hoarding the log entries somewhere else.
  15. The update allowed me to start ad-watch minimized, but the icon still blinks in the system tray (it's blinking right now). I can't really tell what ad-watch is doing except counting registry changes. It doesn't seem to be preventing anything from happening. And count it does, with no apparent way to reset the counters to zero. I can imagine, years from now, having to buy more storage just to hold the ad-watch log. Can I just delete the log file (which one?) And, for heavens sake, don't ask me whether I want to terminate ad-watch when I'm shutting down my system Of course I do, and it's not that hard to figure out that it's the system shutdown making the termination request.