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  1. I have the same problem ... I don't know WHY they have the dropdown list in the first place ... they should have UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBERS for ALL their products ... so that THEY know what product your registering JUST by virtue of the serial number ... for example Plus serial numbers would start with PL and PRO serial numbers would start with PRO etc. The first time I tried to register I did not even drop down the list BECAUSE I did not know there was a difference of PLUS and PRO ... when I saw Ad-Aware 2007 (xxx) ... I thought that was my product ... Why have names so close to one another ... is PLUS better than PRO or os PRO better than PLUS ... if I by a head of lettuce do I want the PRO head of lettuce of the PLUS head of lettuce ... COME on ... lets make naming product easy and lets make registration EASY ... !!! Seems we need to take a five week course in " How to register your product " before we can even get the product installed !!!!!! I believe I want my money back ...