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  1. How utterly useless. I had read that post already before making my own post. What I am seeing as a continued theme now is Lavasoft having no problem charging credit cards for their product, but then making themselves invisible to support requests. I have read all the related posts of people having the exact same problem... when does Lavasoft take responsibility for this and stop suggesting that all of these people are entering the serial number incorrectly. I submitted a request for support and have yet to hear anything from Lavasoft. The post that I have been directed to does not resolve a single thing. This really has become a huge disappointment from a product that in years past has been exemplary. Shameful. Tim
  2. Well, this seems to be a somewhat common theme lately - I have purchased Adaware 2007 Plus, was sent the email containing the registration serial number, entered correctly, in the right box, and several times ------ still just generates the error message that the serial number appears invalid. Why is this happening; why is happening so often; why is it happening to so many people? element 5 Order number: 132546515 Tim