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  1. hummm I expected there to be a malware somewhere....
  2. Thanks Hayc... we forget to update that cos we have been doing releases for a long time where posting to this forum was not part of the procedure... will make sure it is updated from now on....
  3. Hello... you can try running the ad-aware scan in safe mode.... Failing that, try "Process Explorer" from Sysinternals to kill it.... then do your ad-aware scan. Sounds like this one has been written to stay Due to lack of response from the original topic starter, this topic is being moved to the "Resolved" Section (read only). If you should have further issues, please feel free to start a new topic
  4. Update on this issue.... We are receiving mixed responses about solutions to this problem, and we are still trying to narrow it down, as we cannot reproduce it here in our testing environments. The 2 main causes of this appear to be bad clusters on the harddrive and a large volume of temporary internet files. Therefore the following should be done. Use CCleaner to get rid of as much temp files as possible Run Checkdisk and fix any / all problems with the disk Do your Ad-Aware Scan....
  5. I will move this subject into an FAQ, as I dont think we have one that deals ONLY with scheduled tasks.... I will have a look though and change some keywords in it if the FAQ is hard to find
  6. While performing an Ad-Aware scan, Ad-Aware may freeze while scanning the "Shared Dlls" area of the registry. Some users have reported that performing a checkdisk and repairing bad clusters has resolved the issue, however, it is still causing issues for some users, therefore it is still under investigation. If you are encountering this problem, please run a disk defrag and a full 5 stage CHKDSK, making sure to repair any/all bad clusters. If you are still encountering the problem, please post a support request.
  7. Hello Please try these steps... thanks * Open Ad-Aware * Click on Settings (The cogwheel icon) * Choose "Tweak -> Scanning Engine" * Deselect the "Unload recognised modules during scan" option * Perform an Ad-Aware Scan Save your Ad-Aware scan log, and be prepared to post this in the support forum
  8. This issue was fixed immediately when discovered... Thanks for the report!
  9. Hello. In response to your question. I believe that Ad-Aware is one of the few applications that you actually can do this. However, if you run it from the CD, be aware that it will most likely create a settings folder for the NT user account that is logged in at this time. I would like to point out though that if you are using this for commercial purposes such as cleaning spyware of your customers' computers, you may not do this due to licensing restrictions. However, if it is for non-commercial private purposes such as helping out friends, or cleaning your own machine(s), then it is ok Let us know how that works out, I dont think it is tried that often... Thanks //Steve
  10. Hello Please see this FAQ before taking further action Thanks
  11. Hello. The link you provided makes assertions that are shaky at best. 3 points I would like to discuss. "horrible product support" - We are aware that there has been some problems with paying customers getting there support in time, and this is currently being worked on. However, I would not call it "horrible". Furthermore, the forums are being built up again, as they are an essential link between us and the community. This also will be improving the level of support for "Personal Edition" users, as well as the paying customers. "indignant forum moderators" - I would like to know where the person who makes this claim gets his information. As the manager of this forum, and one of the most active moderators, I have to say that that statement lacks any substance WHATSOEVER - and actually annoys me. I, and my colleagues who work these forums, are far from indignant. Just take a walk through the forum, and see if you find any evidence of such indignance... "Recently selling-out to spyware authors" - WHAT is this person talking about? We do not sell out to spyware authors. More pure speculation from the author. Our mission has, and always will be to provide our users with an unbiased and fair consumer reporting system, giving risk analyses on the software they are installing. This means that if a vendor radically changes its software and scores a lower risk rating, we will (with the community's approval) remove this from detection after a probationary period. There have been a few errors made in the past in regards to this - errors which people will undoubtedly refer to when answering this post, but any form of removal of families is now done only after requesting public commentary on that action. I hope this clears up any thoughts one may have on the matter. Thanks //Steve
  12. Hey Nick... how big is the file? the attachement may be too big for the submission system If that is the case, then you can send them as an attachement to "[email protected]" Thanks
  13. Nick. Your one trojan, is but one example. What about the trojan that ad-aware detects and Ewido doesn't? Thank you for the file submission - but please submit it to the other vendors aswell... As long as users keep submitting files, then it helps the Anti-Spyware vendors to offer the best protection... //Steve
  14. Hello. Please try the steps in this FAW, before taking further action Thanks
  15. When threads such as these are resolved, we may move them to the infection knowledge base, under an item. We may then also give people the chance make posts inside the appropriate family topic, to describe their experiences with a certain family. This is important for other users when diagnosing a problem, but it is also important for us to establish the level of concern by our users about a particular infection. Moviepass / Movieland had been modifying their software according to recommendations from Lavasoft on where they were going wrong... but it seems to me from this topic that there is still a long way to go.... //Steve
  16. If you still have a copy of the files you have deleted, it would be a good idea to submit these to the various A/V and Anti-Spyware vendors, so they be placed into the detection databases. Thanks //Steve
  17. strikemaster. in what way does the network crash? do you mean one of the computers crashes?
  18. You may wish to try the "Lavasoft Virtumonde Remover" Beta version, which we released approx 5 mins ago. This could find and remove Virtumonde, if it is on your system and is in detection Thank you //Steve
  19. There will be no censorship here... everyone is entitled to their opinion, as long as they express it in a civil manner, and the content confirms to the rules of this forum. In response to the statements in this thread. We are working to improve in areas we have been lacking... and AAW 2006 IS on the horizon.... there is gonna be alot going on at Lavasoft in the next 6 months... thats all I can say at this point.... //Steve
  20. Hello Please follow this FAQ, before taking further action Thanks //Team Lavasoft
  21. Tiberian This could be an issue in the definition file, and is under investigation If we find the problem and fix it, we will notify you... Thanks! //Team Lavasoft
  22. Gerd. If you are receiving pop-ups through the messenger service, this means that either you have no firewall, or your firewall is badly configured... you should install a firewall / re-configure your existing firewall to block incoming connections. If you have your firewall open completely, then you are exposing your computer to a wealth of remote attacks. The messenger pop-ups you mention are actually very common... and they will rotate through about 15 different ones in a 24 hour period... usuall syscleaner, regfixer, regclean32 and other such names.... the message themselves are not dangerous, but they can be deceptive, tricking a user into installing the software..... however, turning off the messenger service / blocking incoming connections will stop them.. //Steve
  23. Nick. Even if you discount the fact that Ewido has so many signatures, and base it on sample sets, there is no gaurantee that the sample set you have is representive of what is really out there in the wild, and how much of it there is. I have seen countless reviews where Ad-Aware scores lower than some, then sores higher than some in others. Indeed, I saw Counterpsy score an 80% where Ad-Aware had 70%. The review was totally flawed. To begin with, the reviewer (PC Magazine I believe), used a random sample set of 5-6 samples!!!... now... anyone who has studied statistics will know that I much larger number of tests than 5 files would be needed to establish how the anti-spyware solutions rate against one-another. In this case, Counterspy came out on top... but that could just be pure chance... if they had 4 of these files hashed, then they would be getting a very high score... however, that could be the same for not so good scanners... the fact that they, by chance, had some of those files hashed meant that they would get a great score. The real proof of this "reviewing method flaw" is if we do a scan of malware files we obtain every week with say Counterspy or Microsoft. They only manage to detect around 40% of our outgoing detected content when we update. So they don't detect some stuff we do, and vice versa.... This explains the fact that you have a certain number of people posting "Ad-Aware Sux! it didnt find my malware when Counterspy did!!", and the others posting "Thankyou Ad-Aware! Counterspy didnt get this, but you did!" .....And this means that until someone can come up with the ABSOLUTE definitive collection (which is very difficult), then basically these reviews are flawed.... badly flawed.... You need a large and representitive collection, then take a number of random sets. Test with each scanner, and establish through some clever statistical analysis which scanner REALLY is the best.... If people on the forum are interested in the weekly statistics, then I will be happy to do a counterspy / microsoft scan of our malware files per week and post these statistics.... it may be of interest I hope this explains a few things