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  1. nerrrvous. by removing the line "set temp=something", you have not provided windows with a temp location for performing certain operations. It is very likely that this is causing the error you describe. If you can access the file system, then you should create a temp folder "c:\temp", if it does not exist. The edit autoexec.bat and add the line "set temp = c:\temp"... hopefully that will fix your problem Thanks //Team Lavasoft
  2. Tom Ferratt. There are some updates available for the enterprise edition which address certain issues in the software. Have you been in contact with the support team?
  3. Antispylab is a new rogue anti-spyware application and is being added to detection this week... in the meantime, you may request assistance in manual removal from our resident experts.... Thanks... //Steve
  4. Please try scanning with todays definition and see if there is any change... thanks
  5. Please note however that this is Win 98 specific and probably is not the problem this user is experiencing... I would recommend having a look in the hosts file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\hosts) and looking for any entries involving Those must be removed. Thanks //Steve
  6. Cookie, I have passed on your question to the people involved with he firewall product. Sorry for the delay on the answer... The forums are just starting up again, and are a bit chaotic now...
  7. No activity on this thread for 20 days.... I will consider it resolved... //Steve
  8. Dont forget to make a new restore point after you have done that.... Thanks //Steve
  9. Ok.. this is Virtumonde / Vundo Trojan... please send us the file c:\windows\system32\ddaba.dll and read the entry in the infection knowledge base about Virtumonde... I hope this helps! //Steve
  10. Hello Please try this FAQ before proceeding with further action //Steve
  11. I will be closing and moving this topic to resolved issues as it has gone a bit off-topic from support request, and I keep reading it cos it looks like a new support request... sorry guys.... //Steve
  12. Hello Nick Welcome to Lavasoft Support Forums. The WhenU SaveNow component was removed from detection in November 2005 following radical changes made on the part of the vendor which merited a reduction in TAC level. To list a few, WhenU.SaveNow had ceased installing to all user accounts, it downloaded a list of keywords periodically and compared what you search for locally on the PC so as not to transmit any info out of your PC and thus protect your privacy, and they had vastly improved the method of gaining user consent. This gave them a TAC of below 2.5. When something has reduced below a TAC of 2.5, it moves into a probationary period, at which point we call for public commentary on whether or not the privacy community feel that a certain family should/should not be removed from detection. At the point we removed WhenU.SaveNow, no objections to our actions were made at that time. However, if you feel this is in error or that the behaviour of the vendor has changed from the review we gave them last year, then we are very interested in what you have to say. If they have changed their behaviour, then we will re-review the software; if we find it merits a TAC of above 2.5(rounded up to 3), then it risks detection once more. The WhenU.SaveNow programs gives clear notification of its install in every application I have seen it bundled in; if this is not the case in your case, then please let us know. It is important to note that Lavasoft's mission is to provide users with an unbiased consumer reporting tool that gives the user an accurate report on the risk level asscociated with a certain software and then gives you the power to remove it / or accept the risk level. If Lavasoft does not detect something, it may mean that the risk level according to our criteria is not high enough (must be 2.5 or above on the TAC Scale), for it to be included in our detection database. It is fruitless to add every form of adware into detection if it is considered harmless and JUST because it is Adware - promotion of change becomes ineffective if positive changes the vendors make have no impact on the assessments made by anti-spyware applications. If there is an application that you feel should be included, please let us know at, providing detailed information on when / where you know / feel that you got it on your system Thanks //Steve Jackson Lavasoft Research
  13. Hello Christine Please try this possible solution first
  14. Hello Zoltar. Welcome to Lavasoft Support Forums First of all, you should upgrade your version of Ad-Aware to version 1.06. This can be done through the Customer Care Centre using the subscription ID and password you should have received when purchasing your copy of Ad-Aware. If you do not have this, then you should contact Lavasoft on this address [email protected] When you have done that, please follow the instructions here for creating and posting a HijackThis log, so we may establish what the cause of your pop-ups is. Antispylab will be informed that we will be taking action on this behaviour. Thanks //Team Lavasoft
  15. Hello Dan77 Welcome to Lavasoft Support Forums It would appear you have found an answer to your question before we had time to answer it... hope it all works out for you now Thanks //Team Lavasoft
  16. DOB... you possibly have Look2Me on your system Could you post a HijackThis log in the HijackThis forum? and while you are waiting, try the steps listed in Adware.Look2Me in the Infection Knowledge Base Thanks //Steve
  17. Thanks Winchester... I think my eyes have gone square... I guess CTRL + F would have been a good idea...
  18. I cannot see any evidence of Starware Toolbar in that HijackThis log.... if you stop the scan when it hangs, does Ad-Aware recover and give you a summary of the scan?
  19. ssample.. the script is found but one of the commands is not? I see 5 possibilities here 1. The path to ad.bat is incorrect 2. The path to "xcopy" is incorrect / xcopy is not longer in "PATH" / the file is missing 3. The path to the settings.awc is incorrect / settings.awc is missing 4. The path to the user profile is incorrect / missing 5. The path to ad-aware se plus is incorrect thus ad-watch.exe is not executed / Ad-Watch.exe is missing
  20. kimrodney... where did you purchase your copy of ad-aware?
  21. Alison.. please read this topic for a possible solution to your problem Thank you //Team Lavasoft
  22. If your computer encounters a bluescreen during an Ad-Aware scan, and you have followed the steps for Virtumonde removal, please try these steps. * Open Ad-Aware * Click on Settings (The cogwheel icon) * Choose "Tweak -> Scanning Engine" * Deselect the "Unload recognised modules during scan" option * Perform an Ad-Aware Scan Save your Ad-Aware scan log, and be prepared to post this in the support forum
  23. kimrodney. Are you receiving an "Error Connecting to Server" message still?
  24. Please see this FAQ for possible solution Thanks //Team Lavasoft