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  1. I am also having the same problem. Ad-watch is set to start on system start up, but totally refuses to open unless I open it manually. I am using NOD32 antivirus and I am using zone alarm also. I have ad-watch allowed in zone alarm. Also when I manually start Ad-watch, it uses heaps and my computer is really slowed down. I have windows XP sp2 on my system. Can anyone help me with this problem.
  2. Finally I get my serial registration number to activate ad-aware 2007 plus. I have downloaded from the resources and when I install the program, I get the message on the installer information:- Internal error 2753. Ad-Aware 2007.exe. Can anybody help me with what is going wrong, please.
  3. This is just plain crazy, why can't they get there acts together. First the 18th, then the 21st and now no date just shortly!!! Do they just want us to go out and buy a new license altogther just to make some more money or what? Personally I am getting a bit jacked of all of this. JUST GIVE US A STRAIGHT ANSWER AND STICK TO IT!!
  4. I just noticed on the support center page they have now changed the information, that exisiting licenses will be able to download on the 21st June not the 18th as before.
  5. I was wondering that myself spike, hope this all gets sorted out soon. I noticed they said that you could download either from the support center or via email, I just hope that if they do email they will post the registration serial number etc. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Spike, Mine shows exactly the same as yours but when I click on download it just downloads the old version not the 2007 version.