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  1. Hi casey_boy, yes I can use the update button when using a proxy-server. However it seems that you partially misunderstood my issue. While the Update manager is trying to connect there is no minimize button in that Update Manager window. E.g. when I forgot to activate the proxy in the office (Internet connection only works via proxy there) the Update Manager tries almost forever to connect while blocking my screen with the Update Manager window missing a minimize button. For some reason that minimize button only appears after a successful internet connection while downloading updates which doesn't make much sense. Hope this clarifies the issue ? Thanks & regards mx-5driver
  2. Hello, is there any reason why the Update Manager window doesn't have the standard windows minimize / maximize buttons in the right upper edge ? When I forget to switch on the proxy in the Ad-Aware settings when working in the company office the Update Manager window always stays in the foreground unable to be minimized trying to get a network connection which certainly doesn't work then. Also a clever resolution to resolve this would be a fallback solution for the Update Manager. I mean in case Ad-Aware Update Manager cannot connect to the Internet for downloading updates directly without a proxy server configured it could probably try to fall back to the pre-defined (switched off) proxy server configuration in Ad-Aware settings ? Regards mx-5driver
  3. Hello, after each update process I'm receiving an error saying: "Not more than one instance of this application can be running at any time." (see attached screenshot) It seems like Ad-Aware does not properly shutdown & restart itself after downloading software updates in order to activate installed updates ? OS installed: Windows XP Servicepack 3 English Lavasoft-Software installed: Ad-Aware Pro 2008 Regards mx-5driver
  4. Hi, my personal favorite is the Carbon Skin. The black design looks professional, decent & elegant. However in my opinion its a pitty that the buttons are colored in red which doesn't really fit to the elegant Carbon Skin style. Regards mx-5driver
  5. Hello, one one hand I'm impressed since the main issues have been addressed pretty fast with the recent updates - Thanks for fixing. However I still stick to my opinion that these kind of issues should have been identified & solved before releasing Ad-Aware 2008 to paying customers. The following two questions are still not answered: - Why the heck is the Scan abort error issue not officially added into the "Bug Update" which is pinned on top of the Forum ? - I'm a customer of the paid Pro-Produkt, so why do I not get any response at all from Lavasoft-Support after reporting the issue to Lavasoft-Support ? Regards mx-5driver
  6. @ Raziel v. Nosgoth I was following your instructions given at However it still leads to the same result - aborted Scan showing "Unhandled Exception Error" as already reported by me and others in Forum Threads. Regards mx-5driver
  7. Hello LS Lennart, thanks for your reply about status of "Bug 2". Of course I was sending in the crash report. Please could you tell me one more thing: - Why the heck is the Scan abort error issue not officially added into the "Bug Update" which is pinned on top of the Forum ? - I'm a customer of the paid Pro-Produkt, so why do I not get any response at all from Lavasoft-Support after reporting the issue to Lavasoft-Support ? Regards mx-5driver
  8. Hey casey_boy, I have to strongly disagree at this point ! Leaving any frustration aside and looking at this situation from a factual standpoint THIS IS STILL UNACCEPTABLE ! Just imagine if you would have paid 80.000 Euro for a brand new Mercedes Benz and once you want to drive it, you've just turned the key and its engine just goes off after driving 5 meters down the road !? Now imagine that Mercedes Benz Customer Support just ignores your problem or just states some stupid comments like there was a conflict with the fuel and engine oil or even the road you've been using or they would state that you were just too stupid to properly using its clutch and throttle etc. Basically that's a good scenario comparision with the current situation a number of users are currently having with Ad-Aware 2008 ! :angry: It is worse enough to release a software which is not even tested enough & ready for a Beta-release as a public final - they even dare to sell it. What is really going beyond of frustration is the fact that they do not even admit that bug about aborted scans although I'm by far not the only user affected. Their customer support doesn't even reply to support requests sent by users of the paid Pro-Product. This my friend goes by far beyond frustration - THIS IS MAKING ME REALLY ANGRY as in fact I'm feeling to be fooled out of my money by Lavasoft !!! :angry: @ bliss007 Sure, I think I understood your comment well. I don't want to insult anyone either, however if I would be you I'd also stick to that comment as it really describes the situation very well. Regards mx-5driver
  9. Hey Sher, yes you are right - Indeed they are not man & bold enough to officially admit it as a bug in the "Bug Update" thread pinned on top of the forum. It's a shame ! :angry:
  10. Hi LS Lennart, thanks for that quick fix so far. Ok, indeed it fixed at least that bug. However with "Bug 2" the application remains totally unusable because it continues terminating with an error as reported by other users as well during any attempt of system scan ! I also do not understand why existing customers of the paid product don't get any official statement from Lavasoft at all ? - no reply/answer from support about submitted issues - no excuse from Lavasoft about facing paying customers with a halfdone & buggy application - no offer from Lavasoft of reimbursing customers of paid products for lost license time with an unusable product This is neither good business practice nor advisable way of treating customers. From a common sense point of view Lavasoft management should take a decision on how to calm paying customers down if not wanting to fully loosing their reputation !!! :angry: Best Regards mx-5driver
  11. {removed by Admin} Hi bliss007, same as you I'm currently really mad at Lavasoft - and I have to admit that I'm feeling exactly the same also suffering the same issues with this crappy product. :angry: What you are saying here exactly describes what every Lavasoft-customer with common sense must think about how Lavasoft is treating their customers who are paying their salaries. As already stated in another thread a company with a common sense & valued customers shouldn't risk loosing their reputation this way ! Best Regards mx-5driver
  12. Hi all, same here, there is already a number of similar threads here in the forum. Seems this is a repeating & reproducible issue that obviously appears on multiple systems. While I agree to "LS CalamityJane" that any PC-System & its configuration is different, I do not really understand why these folks here are forcing each user to open a different thread for the same issue ? :angry: Since multiple users are reporting the same issue & symptoms I'd really rather tend to blame the product Ad-Aware 2008 than stating a possible conflict with a certain PC- or Software configuration. In addition everyone who already bought the first final release of Ad-Aware 2007 knows that this is not the first time that Lavasoft has released a unfinished product as final release - abusing their customers as Beta-Testers ! Regards mx-5driver
  13. Hi rondetto, from a neutral point of view I'd say the software itself would be pretty good if it would have been well tested and sold in stable status. However from a customer point of view I can tell you that both initial final releases Ad-Aware 2007 & Ad-Aware 2008 were a piece of crappy & buggy software which a serious company wouldn't even dare to release as an Alpha or even a Beta-Version. In fact Ad-Aware 2007 became a pretty stable & usable product over the time after releasing a number of updates & patches. However from a customer point of view it is ridiculous to pay for a 365 days licensing period of which in fact the product has been in totally unusable state for a significant amount of the paid licensing time. I really do not know why Lavasoft is barefaced enough to release a crappy & buggy final version of Ad-Aware again - knowing that they already did something stupid like that last time with releasing the initial final release of Ad-Aware 2007 back that time. I really do not understand at all why Lavasoft is really accepting the risk of loosing their reputation against their customers ??? Hope this helps to get a feeling about the current situation - now get your own opinion about business practices of this company.... Best regards mx-5driver
  14. Hello all, I just want to mention that I'm monitoring this Thread as well as it really seems to be exactly the same issue happening on multiple systems. So far I can report that the situation here is exactly the same like "AikeaGuinea" is describing. @ AikeaGuinea Did you already sent a Support-Call to Lavasoft Support yet ? I already did, but I did not get any response yet.
  15. @ CalamityJane Thanks for your reply to my thread. Turning off the AV extended engine did not resolve the problem at all - same issue appears again. Contacting Lavasoft Support is ok - guess what - I already did that. I wrote a detailed description of the issue to Lavasoft Support & complained about the crappy unusable software but so far I did not receive any answer yet. Not even an autoreply that states that my issue has been received and will be dealt with as soon as possible. :angry: In fact I want to get reimbursed for a significant amount of the licensing period since the product has significant issues resulting in loosing a signifianct amount of time within the licensing period with having a totally unusable crappy product on my PC ! :angry: I also checked the Status of the "Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service" and you are right - the service gets stopped when the error pops up. Also the advice of disabling Symantec Antivirus did not help - same error. Ad-Aware continues to always hang with the error when scanning the registry. Regards mx-5driver