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  1. Hello, i don't need the Gaming Mode because Adaware 12 do a good job and i don't recieve any Popups only if a planed scann i have to let it off this option for me. Some online Games are depend on the Ping so i don't know for Gaming if it scan the Network traffic to hard the Ping will also bad sometimes. For this Situation any suggestions?
  2. Hello, i have Adaware 12 Pro sience 2 Month . I love it really one of the best Version ever. Anyone have a recommended Setting for Gamer and Streamer? Thx.
  3. Hello, for me ok on the Second HDD with 1 TB take about 2 Hours the Full Scan after that i would suggest the Real Time Scanner set to smart. The next Scans will be much faster about 4 Minutes because he will scan Files only if Changed wil not slow really down the Security. Only a suggest. I have the Pro Version no Problems here.
  4. Hello, i have Adaware 12 Pro would be great to see an Android App ( Mobile App). And also for Customer and Users of Pro and Total Version for Free of Corse PS: And Please remove the People who tells adaware is bad and we are all bad because we don't have any knowledge from Forum. THX
  5. Hello, don't really know if i answer for sure go Setting>Restore Factory default ( recommended Setting)> reboot done. If PIN was enter you have to set again or another. The Game Mode don't know if works i activate it yestarday but the Game minimized again if i have Chrome open because Chrome Push a lot of Notifications. PS: Just two little question don't want to open new post is there offline PDF Help availible for adaware 12 and on the Copyright there is no lavasoft anymore does it belong to lavasoft or it's now seperate Product managed by others?
  6. Hi, no i open Adaware Interface go Settings>Reset to Factory> then Fullscan reboot now it works without Problems.
  7. Hello, i am Back . The other File was very big so i put it on google. PS: Just want to say i only set the Settings back to default, set Pin and do Fullscan now works without Problems. For some reason will help some other regards.
  8. Hello, just doing Full scan. Will later put the Files here just to be sure i deactivated adaware then the HDD usage gos from 100 % down to 3 % this is a huge difference. So it seems adaware is doing something but what? Also visit a website is not possible it takes too long. I never had other Software running Defender and Win Firewall are disabled but i cannot uninstall them ^^ Playing is also not possible. Problems here are the Hack Shield and a lot of MMO's using it. Game Mode don't help. Also reduce the On demand scanner to lower have no effect here only to stop adaware compleatly. Just wondering because Adaware 12 Free no problems. I don't reinstalled or changed anything because i only enter the purchased Pro key because the installer is the same. Also an old Problem the Databank Updates takes 1 hour to download install is little faster but why it takes so long?
  9. Hello, i used Adaware 12 Free and don't had Problems. I buy today the Pro Version because the Toal Version have Features that i don't need for one Person. After i purchased the Pro Version i change the Key from Free Version to the Pro Version i purchased. Now all features are activated. I left all settings to default. So for now only to open a Website i need more then 5 Minutes. If i try to open Outlook 2016 on my Machine now takes 5 Times longer ( around 4 Minutes) I take a look at CPU and RAM but that's ok. The Problem is now after i swiched to Pro the HDD is always on 100 % usage. And also the Network Protection feature is ok and the Windows Firewall deactivated but the only good thing about is that Blocks by default Ports and all other Settings are on " allow" if i switch to ask me i recieve every second a message if directx or outlook are allowed to run. I mean here be better that Adaware detect known Progs to run i don't have time to allow youself to open Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to search the Web. Anybody an Idea i don't really want to use the 30 Day Money Back because i like the new Version 12.. THX I will test the Gaming mode because i am gaming and streaming if it slows also down then sorry not usable for me. I put Screen of my System bellow.
  10. Hello, i am using Adaware 2007 (free ed.) I have win2ksp4 installed. When i try to take a Bootdefrag with Paragon Partiotion Manager 8.0 i have the follow issue with adaware: ExceptionCode 0xC0000005 ExceptionFlags 0x0 ExceptionAddress 0x778B8A9A EAX: 0x1 EBX: 0x53 ECX: 0x1 EDX: 0x7FFFFFFF ESI: 0x7FFFFFFE EDI: 0x1 EIP: 0x778B8A9A EBP: 0x12B9DC ESP: 0x12B788 Compilation date: Mar 29 2007 So i cannot defrag...and a bluescreen appers. So what is here the Problem? With Adaware or Paragon or whatever.....
  11. Hello, i'm using adaware 2007 (the free edition), however i have win2kSP4 installed and Avast 4.7 with Virus Sigature from 20 th of June 2007. Avast has found as list bellow: 20.06.2007 14:49:52 1182343792 j 1328 Sign of "Win32:Inject-BS [Trj]" has been found in "C:\Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien\Wise Installation Wizard\WIS0E6AB9FC76C2431B9C066C1CFFFEA8EB_7_0_1_2.MSI\\registration_helper.prg" file. 20.06.2007 14:56:46 1182344206 1328 Sign of "Win32:Inject-BS [Trj]" has been found in "C:\Programme\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\Registration\registration_helper.prg" file. Is this a failse positive or not?