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  1. Okay, my problem is not "exactly" like yours. Mine has nothing to do with removing any virus DLL from my system. But the results are the same as what you describe. Nothing works except IE. I did manage to get this version of Firefox (3.01) to work in a seldom-used account on my machine. My system worked perfectly UNTIL I did this install of Adaware 2008 Pro. I just don't know what has been wiped out. I can't use System Restore. Doesn't work. I can't use anything in Control Panel. "No program associated with this icon." etc. I did a SAFE-MODE reboot, but it's still the same problem, even in Safe mode. I'm pretty desperate at this point because there is a lot of unbacked-up data on this business machine. (I delayed all this time upgrading to Adaware 2008 Pro because of all the problems I had when I was an early-adopter in Adaware 2007. I thought if I waited this long, Lavasoft would have all the bugs in 2008 worked out. Now I feel very foolish for having taken this plunge into Pro 2008. My machine is HOSED.)
  2. I'm having the exact same problem. I had just upgraded from Adaware2008 (free) to Adaware 2008 Pro. I uninstalled Adaware 2008 Free FIRST, before installing the Pro version. Everything went well. I did ALL the updates. Then rebooted. Now I have the same situation you have: every program icon I click says there is no program associated. All my anti-virus, anti-trojan, even Adaware 2008 Pro is GONE. I had updated all my security protection programs BEFORE I downloaded and installed Adaware Pro 2008. All scans CLEAN. I've had NO PROBLEMS on this machine whatsoever until this reboot after installing and updating Adaware 2008 Pro. Now my machine is effectively hosed. I can't use "System Retore" because I get the same message: no program associated with this icon. I'm advised by XP to go to File Options and choose a program to associate. But the programs are just NOT THERE. Not when I look at the drives in Windows Explorer, either. They're just GONE. What can be done to rememedy this extreme error. Reinstalling XP would be a pretty serious disaster, at this point, as this is a BUSINESS machine.
  3. <br /><br /><br /> Thanks, Lavasoft, for finally admitting the error was on YOUR side, not with the USER end. Customer support put a lot of us through all kinds of unnecessary hoops to convince LS that you DO have a problem, not us Users. But thanks for clearing up the reg logjam for me. All seems to be working well, although I'm not happy with the new bloat in the app. Also, when I click on the "Process Watch" tab in Adaware 2007 Pro, there are no processes listed. I've enabled everything I can find to correct this. The app SAYS that Process Watch is enabled. But nothing shows up in the screen when I open it. I hope a future update/patch will correct this behavior.
  4. Yes, I finally got a new serial registration number for my Adaware 2007 Pro from Lavasoft. Sure, there may be "glitches" to be understood and have patience with in "new software", but there should NOT have been this kind of trouble and problems with the registration process after we bought the product. It took a LOT of my time and effort to now be able to use the Adaware product I purchased. I'm still less than pleased at the several reponsive emails I got from Lavasoft "general support" that offered trite solutions to my reg process difficulties, none of which were applicable to my situation. They needed to acknowledge that their registration programming was very buggy. FINALLY, when "general support" had put me off with all their dodging emails, they sent me a new serial reg number that works. Now I get to find out how the product itself works on my machine. I agree with you that I always heretofore considered Lavasoft a very reliable security software company and encouraged many of my IT clients to use it. I'm still somewhat disappointed by the way Lavasoft handled this registration problem for me and for others reporting the same here.
  5. I just received this emailed reply from Lavasoft. More annoying HOOPS to have to jump through, but at least it's SOME action on their part. I've complied with all the requested info, so we'll see what happens next. I'll post here. Email from Lavasoft "general support" 6/26/07: ------------------------------------------------ Hello Since registering using the serial number has failed for you we will generate a unlock key for you. To be able to do this I need the hardware fingerprint and information on what license you purchased. In case that you have multiple licenses make sure to note what license goes with what hardware fingerprint (I.E. which computer). To get the hardware finger print code; 1. Start Ad-Aware and click the status icon. At the bottom of that screen you have the register button, click it. 2. From the window that opened (where you can enter the serial number) read and write down the hardware fingerprint. Reply to this email with the *hardware* *fingerprint* code and the *license information* (can be found in the sales confirmation emails) and we will send you your unlock code and the instructions how to use it. Kind regards The Lavasoft support team
  6. I sympathize with your aggravation at this point. I posted here last week about this issue, not being able to have my Adaware 2007 Pro edition able to register ("registration number appeared invalid!"). I wrote to customer service about 5 or 6 times, detailing all my VERY CORRECT actions to register this product. I got back a very lame, lazy customer-support boilerplate email in response, finally: basically that I need to turn off ALL my firewalls and protections and THEN try to register the product. (This is after the usual blah-blah about the obvious, like case-sensitivity and entering correct characters, etc.) Well, for one thing, I don't WANT to have to disable my securities to register a security product. DUH. But okay, I did it anyway. So I can also report that turning off all FIREWALLS doesn't make any difference, either. And OF COURSE I make sure I choose the correct "drop-down" product name before trying to register. We should NOT have to be jumping through so many hoops to be able to use this product that we paid good cash for!! No other software I use has such an inane registration system, and certainly not any difficulty in registering the respective products!! It just WORKS, even with firewalls and security enabled. For OTHER products on my XPsp2 machine, including "security" products. It's unethical that Lavasoft keeps trying to insist that this asinine glitch in their registration process is ONLY the result of USER FAILURE. NOT. (I have advised all of my IT customers to NOT upgrade their Lavasoft products. You betcha.)
  7. I've posted here a couple of days ago with the same problem. Have written to Lavasoft customer support at least 5 times describing the problem and all I've done on my end as USER to correct the problem, to no avail. Customer support wrote back to me yesterday with blah, blah boilerplate answer about all the ways the problem is ONLY on my end as USER FAILURE. Not applicable. I'm an IT tech, myself, and all their suggestions were so Mickey Mouse that may be applicable to others, but not to me. I'm still very annoyed and aggravated to have purchased the upgrade to Adaware 2007 Pro (after owning SE Pro for years) and not being able to register it and USE it. I paid for protection I'm not able to use. It's outrageous that customer support would be so lazy as to send out some form-letter email to me addressing this "invalid registration number" glitch. NONE of the possible "causes" they list in their email apply to my situation. I have done EVERYTHING correctly, to no avail. Since there are so many of us posting this problem here and emailing customer support, Lavasoft needs to post a FIX for the glitch here. Anyone considering upgrading to Adaware 2007 Pro should wait a while longer, is my recommendation. The software appears to still be in beta status.
  8. Thanks, Tobias. But if there are so many of us reporting this error with the "registration appeared invalid" problem, WHY isn't Customer Support posting HERE with some FIX for the problem? For some us, the clock is ticking on our 14-day REFUND window. At least Lavasoft could acknowledge that the new release registration process is FUBAR'ed and let us know they are working on a solution, instead of posting useless "make sure you type in the numbers correctly and use the correct product drop-down" answer. I would have more patience and sympathy with Lavasoft if they would come onto HERE and acknowledge that this problem is a real glitch on their end, instead of trying to say it's the USER'S error. (NOT!) I am an IT professional and I will most certainly not advise my clients to upgrade to the new Adaware 2007 Pro, nor even to the free edition, after reading here all the damage the new version is causing Lavasoft's customers. Not until these problems are fixed, for sure.
  9. I see that there is already a thread going in this forum regarding this annoying glitch in the new Adaware 2007 Pro registration process. After reading all the comments therein, I reiterate: I have typed in the numbers carefully, I've tried a copy-and-paste effort, I make sure the drop-down product name in the registration window is correct, I've double-checked my order page with Element 5. I most definitely ordered the PRO edition and I just can't use it. What a mess, Lavasoft! And I see others are getting no response from customer support about this issue, either.
  10. I read the instructions in the previous post regarding how to "renew" the registration after download of the product. NONE OF THOSE RECOMMENDATIONS APPLY TO ME. I have carefully typed in the serial registration numbers at least 20 times now, since the download two days ago. My version of Adaware 2007 says that it is a "Pro" license, but the numbers still return an "Invalid" message every time. I am still unable to access or use the Adaware 2007 Pro extra services I've paid for, like Adwatch 2007. I've emailed "customersupport" at Lavasoft about this issue 5 times now, with NO RESPONSE forthcoming. I've checked my download page at Element5. I even re-downloaded via my download link at Element 5 to reinstall the product. Still the same useless result. What does Lavasoft recommend that I do now? Again, I have carefully TYPED IN the serial registration numbers, over and over, to no avail. I have reinstalled my Adaware SE Pro to use in the interim. At this point, I am very disappointed with Lavasoft's performance with this new product.