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  1. Well I got my new key through today so it's all been resolved. Yes, when you register the hardware key of your machine is recorded as part of your unlock key. So it looks like it's pretty sensitive. Hassle them, they'll get back to you, it may just take a few days.
  2. Well, this morning I had a reply from Lavasoft. It seems once you register the "hardware key" of your pc is part of that process, me changing my hdd means I can't use the key again. They're going to generate an unlock code for me based on my new hardware key. I notice also that the email aurto responder has changed, they now mention that they are inundated with emails and may be a while in getting back to us. Such are the hazzards of a new product I suppose. In any event, if I get the new key soon I'll be quite happy. -- Glod
  3. Still no response from Lavasoft either through the contact form or the email address supplied in the email with the serial number. I'll give it until the end of Monday and decide how to proceed on Tuesday.
  4. Hi, I bought the download version of Adaware 2007 plus last week, had it all installed and running fine. Yesterday my OS hard drive crashed and burned so I had to replace it. I have fitted a new hdd and completely reinstalled windows XP, all the latest MS security updates etc. When trying to install Adaware 2007 plus and input the serial I have in my email it tells me Invalid serial number. I have tried contacting the tech support via the customer suport link on the website, but so far no response. How do I go about getting my key validated again, or getting a replacement key ? I'm hoping I get a quicker response through these forums. Thanks.