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  1. I unzipped the file and still no new definitions updated. I still get the error box. I forgot to mention I have the Pro version. I also use XP. Thank you!
  2. New Problem I logged off my computer and came back on, did not shut-down pc. When Ad-Aware was loading a box popped up stating: Event Outdated Def File Suggested Action Run Webupdate 1 I went to Web Update and tried to manually update file and nothing happens. Also, there is now a red X beside Authenticity Verified. I attempted to re-enter my serial number and it states that my serial number appears to be invalid, but it was working earlier. I have attempted five times to re-enter my serial number and have also rebooted my system and it still won't take it. This is not good. Help!
  3. I have gone to sites that I knew had pop-ups and this new Ad-Watch version is not blocking them like the old version had. It is allowing pop-ups from Is there a list somewhere so I can add this site to block? Thank you. I went ahead and blocked it through Internet Explorer.