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  1. Arrr Captian, There be cookies now! After todays updates 2008 found cookies LOL. Hopefully it will stay fixed now
  2. Okay I think ive sort of figured out at least part of my not finding cookies with 2008. My cookies folder that contains files is located at C:\Documents and Settings\Cookies instead of C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Cookies. This wasnt a problem with Adaware 2007 which found them np. Unfortunatly 2008 doesnt seem to look anywhere but C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Cookies which is empty. Is there some way to tell it to look in C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Cookies for cookies? EDIT Arrg, just when I think Ive figured out the issue I find more cookies. Seems there are cookies also stored in C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files. Cookies in that folder some are marked as last accessed today as well as cookies in C:\Documents and Settings\Cookies which also show as last accessed today as well. Its driving me dinggy hehe
  3. Yes I have them both selected but like I said with 2007 after the scan I was presented with a list of all my cookies and could choose to quarentine or delete ones that wwere like say [email protected][1] etc with 2008 its not showing me any at all when I do a Smartscan. Then again in 2007 it was always calling the coookies infections and with 2008 it doesnt flag them that way which is why I was wondering Actually seems I have 3 cookie folders one under my user settings one in the root of Documents and setting and one in Admin. Only the one in root actually contains cookies so Im wondering if its scanning the wrong cookies folder
  4. With 2007 it always pulled up a list of all my cookies in the scan results so I could select advert cookies to delete and a list of my MRU's but now with 2008 plus it never shows any of them. Is this a bug or a change from 2007? The scan seems to go okay so Im just wondering
  5. Humm, sounds like its a bit more reliable now. Am considering installing AAW7Pro but onder what ppl think, is it better to do a complete uninstall my old version of pro first or just over the top of the existing older Pro Thx in advance
  6. What I mean is, if you look thru the posts been a fair amount of "It wrecked my Windows" "wiped my HD" and other problems reported SINCE V7 was officially released. Obviously it isnt "just fine" to those with XP etc that have had these issues after release and are seperate issues from not running on Vista. Thats why I asked if it was still buggy As for your comment about using old ADW I actually use the Pro version with 1.06r1 Pro core
  7. Well it looks like I can finally dl my ver7 update but am concerned over to wait a bit more or just do it. Have the major issues, like wipeing out HD's, messing up systems and such now fixed or still buggy? If its still dangerous I can manage with AW6Pro for a bit more but would be nice to hear things are finally straightened out
  8. Hehe, it does sort of seem like they took a few classes with MS and adopted their motto "If something works then bloat it and slow it down".
  9. Taffy, the txt has changed again now they at least say licenses will be extended due to delay so thats good news but maybe we're lucky on this. I'd much rather give LS a bit more time to find and fix some of the issues than rushing it onto my system and be one of those posting "It wrecked/wiped my system". For now 6 works just fine for me and does what I want till the get things straightened out.
  10. Posts like the ones in this thread really have me worried. I was upset over the delays on our upgrades but from reading here I now say take your time LS as I'd much rather have a reliable program vs wrecking my system. Seems with all the issues they should maybe pull or postpone releasing the program and beta it a little more before they give us the upgrade.
  11. Im trying to be supportive of LS & have been in the past but it should be a 2-way street. Sadly of late it hasn't been this way. By that I mean support from LS actually responding to mssgs sent thru the support system, which isnt happening. My personal feeling is if there are more issues/problems on ppls AWProSE6-7 upgrades then at least tell us something other than the pat "More probs have come up" & "were working on it" type nonanswer. I don't mind waiting but I prefeer to do it knowing why the actual delay not just a pat answer. If that seems an unfair attitude I'm sorry but its still how I feel. I've not been disapointed with LS and previous versions, heck am sure I talked a fair number of ppl I know into purchasing ver6, but right now I and many others are feeling fustraition.
  12. I try to be paitent but the lack of responses to previous mssgs from both last cpl weeks, & months ago as well, to sales support and even E5 tends to concern me more. I don't think I was rude or anything but this causes the feelings of fustraition is all
  13. So whats the story on free upgrades? Back in Jan due to an email from Lavasoft and the fact that I couldnt find an extention option for the copy of 6pro I already owned, didnt realize it was hidden under support. Anyway I went ahead & paid $39 and now have 2 licenses one expired and the other is good thru Jan 08. Still cant find a dl link for the free upgrade and every email I've sent to Lavasoft have gone unanswered so hopeing someone from Lava might responde here as its getting a tad fustraiting. As is the email in Jan said 7 within a few months thus my rush to rebuy. If I'd realized we wouldnt be seeing 7 till the yr was 1/2 over I'd of held off rebuying till closer to release because as is half my support has been totally wasted. A once happy Lavasoft user but really fustraited with how 7's rollout is progressing. Jess