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  1. I contacted Lavasoft email support. They were willing to provide a new key, but I feel the method of tying licenses to hardware is deeply flawed. In addition to the fact that you need to grovel at Lavasoft's doorstep every time a stick of memory or a hard drive dies, one user with two personal computers needs two licenses. I do that (two licenses) for NO ONE. No one at all. Microsoft allows me to use Office on two computers and ALL my other purchased software that requires activation permits me to activate on two computers. The multiple licensing per one user requirement together with the relatively limited product scope of Ad-Aware means it is much more costly on a dollars per pound basis than Microsoft Office or other high dollar piece of software. Now, the plot thickens. Whether you like Microsoft or not, I don't care, but Windows Defender has nicely grown up. It works. It does auto updates like Ad-Aware Pro, it scans silently like Ad-Aware Pro, it can be scheduled like Ad-Aware Pro and it is free. I use my computers carefully, and Defender is working every bit as well as Ad-Aware 6 or 2007. It works on both computers (a REQUIREMENT for me) and has proven to be troublefree. We'll see how all this unfolds.
  2. I had problems with registration as well. I think the idea of tying registration to disposable and breakable hardware will backfire. I asked for, and received, a full refund. I went with a competitive product and I am now fully satisfied.
  3. I have uninstalled all traces of Ad-Aware and have applied to generalsupport for a refund. Let's see what happens. Lavasoft management are most unbusinesslike and I need to deal with companies who understand the real world out there. If I don't get a refund, I will just have to eat the loss. Thank you so much for the reply.
  4. I finally downloaded Ad-Aware 2007, keeping in mind all the problems that customers have had with this product. I installed it in a virtual machine to test. It is foolhardy in the utmost extreme to install a product like this in a production machine and hope for success. It took an hour or two of setup, changes and experimentation to make it run somewhat like its predecessor, except that I have not yet found out how to exclude specific folders from being scanning and deleted. That work done, I uninstalled it and shut down the machine. I then installed it in my real production machine, and lo and behold it will not register. It seems it was installed once, and now no amount of uninstallation will let me move it. What a bunch of high-handed and may I say criminally illegal crap. I now have NO license and you have my MONEY. I can install the following paid software on two computers (Desktop and Laptop) owned by me and only me: Microsoft Office VMware UltraEdit CommView SmartWhois DU Meter Tweakmaster Lview NetTerm FreeMem Pro Symantec Client Security Adobe Acrobat QuickBooks Mighty Fax Registry First Aid Perfect Disk and much more. The entire software world understands that many, many individuals have two computers. In fact the only piece of software that I own two licenses to is Windows XP Pro OEM because the license was included with each computer I purchased. But Lavasoft not only will NOT let me use one license on both my computers, it won't allow me to run as a trial in a trial machine and then run properly in a production machine. I have no license and now need a refund. You have permanently lost a customer and I will no longer recommend this software to my clients.
  5. I have been using Ad-Aware Pro SE for some years now. I finally pulled the plug and upgraded to Ad-Aware Pro 2007. I have the following problems and I trust I can get assistance as a paid user. 1. I cannot change the Ad-Aware main window screen size. The resizer shows but I cannot make it smaller. It is so large that it does not fit on my screen (800x600). 2. It does not run. I set it up as follows in the scheduler: "C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\Ad-Aware 2007.exe" /smart +update +silent +auto Start in the above folder. The scheduler allows me to set it up (so I have the right folder) but when I right click on the task and click on run, nothing happens. I use this setup for Ad-Aware Pro SE and it runs just fine. At this point, I cannot use the product, and with 2007 inexorably moving to a close, I must either get a fix, or get a refund and move on to a different product. Thank you for any assistance you might be able to provide.
  6. I tried that, and finally had to cancel it (AdAware SE). I thought it would never finish (near an hour later) and then it made a dumb error and deleted a known safe file from IBM. Is Ad Aware 2007 doomed? And what happens when SE will no longer update as of six months from now.
  7. Hello, I have Ad Aware Pro SE and have had for a while. I never knew (and was never advised) that I should have an annual support contract. However, I see the following: I can buy the annual support for SE for about 14 dollars, and that seems to imply that will provide me with a free upgrade to 2007 Pro. To purchase 2007 Pro outright is 40 dollars. Is there any reason NOT to purchase an SE support contract for the purpose of upgrading to 2007 Pro? Any assistance on this licensing issue will be appreciated. BTW, the userid I am using was good some years ago here, but I had to re-register it (fine). The registration email went into my spam bit bucket, and there was no way to validate, but now the old userid and old password works again. Strange indeed. ... C