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  1. I also purchased the 3 year option, I just can't get it to accept the serial number, and I tried all the suggestions above. Just refuses to work. I sent in 3 emails, filled in 2 forms on the website to no avail, I get nowhere. As a last resort I contacted my credit card people just this morning. I remember with Ad-Aware plus (the previous version of a few years ago) us who paid for the program could not update. We had to be emailed with special links. Myself & Lavasoft are finished.
  2. I ordered the program from a friends PC as I had moved house and my Broadband connection was not connected, though it is now. What I did do was to put the program and all the emails I got on a CD, then I deleted all references to the transaction, the emails & the program. No good. Maybe time to move to another
  3. iI have the same problem, I paid for a 3 year licence, it just will not recognise the serial number. I followed the advice from Lavasoft in the post above with no success. Methinks I'd be better cancelling the CCard transaction and getting a refund.