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  1. I AM DISAPPOINTED WITH AD-AWARE 2007. First of all, it's a bloated download. Okay, I understand that new versions of software do tend to get bigger, but all I want is the free scanner version of Ad-Aware. I click on the link for the free version (that's the "Download Ad-Aware Free" link) and find that this fat Ad-Aware 2007 is over 3x the size of Ad-Aware SE Personal. And when I run the program for the first time, I get that dialog with the list of the different versions that you have to pay for. Nothing on that list for the free version. So I click cancel and find that gives me the free version - otherwise I'm stuck with that list of the different versions that I would have to pay for. GOOD GAWD, DID SOMEONE FORGET TO PUT THE FREE VERSION ON THAT DIALOG LIST OR ARE YOU DOING SNEAKY EVIL THINGS TO US. Okay, that was a little strong but geez it is sneaky if you are a newbie who doesn't know he or she has to hit the cancel button to get pass that dialog panel where that dialog panel is obviously intended to get you to sign up for one of the paid versions. Over on the Lavasoft website I did click the link for downloading the FREE version and then I get that sneaky dialog panel. That's SNEAKY EVIL. Okay that's a little strong, but how about at least putting something on that list (even if it has to be at the bottom of that list) for the FREE version if that's what I thought I was downloading. And then there's that AAWSERVICE.EXE that's automatically loaded as a service in windows. GOODNESS GRACIOUS, ALL I WANT IS THE FREE SCANNER. I DON'T WANT ANYTHING ELSE LOADED BEFORE-OR-AFTER I USE THE AD-AWARE FREEBIE SCANNER. I was used to the good old reliable Ad-Aware SE Personal which just did its thing when I wanted to scan my computer, and then shut off COMPLETELY. But this new bloated Ad-Aware 2007 has to automatically run that AAWSERVICE.EXE as a service in windows when booting up and keep it running ALL THE TIME. I didn't know about this until I saw it in the Task Manager. I WAS HORRIFIED TO SEE THAT IT WAS THERE EVEN THOUGH I WASN'T USING AD-AWARE AT ALL. Come on, you Lavasoft Guys, I'm using this on a computer with a Pentium III with 256 megabytes of ram. I don't want to waste my ram memory. I do have another computer with 512 megabytes of ram, but you've got to keep in mind that there are people out here who don't have gigabytes of ram to waste on their computers. AND IT IS SUCH A WASTE TO HAVE THAT AAWSERVICE.EXE LOADED UP IN MEMORY ALL THE TIME WHEN THE USER IS ONLY USING AD-AWARE FOR THE FREEBIE SCANNER WITHOUT ALL THAT EXTRA REALTIME STUFF. Sure, if I upgrade to the PLUS or the PRO version, then I would need that AAWSERVICE.EXE loaded as a service in windows all the time, but I only want to use the FREE version at this time and there is NO REASON to have that AAWSERVICE.EXE running as a service all the time when I am not using Ad-Aware at all. What I'm doing to get around having this AAWSERVICE-always-on idiocy is that I went into the Services console (run services.msc) and I set AAWSERVICE.EXE as a "manual" service and turned off that AAWSERVICE.EXE. And then I set up a batch file for running Ad-Aware 2007 (and when it is run, then the AAWSERVICE.EXE is also "manually" loaded at that time) and then afterwards the batch file runs PSKILL.exe (search for PSKILL.exe on google to download it from Microsoft/Sysinternals) to kill AAWSERVICE.EXE to stop it from continuing to run as a service after I exit out of Ad-Aware 2007. I should not have to use batch files to kill AAWSERVICE.EXE at all if you Lavasoft folks had Ad-Aware 2007 not running that AAWSERVICE.EXE as a service all the time when the user only wants the freebie scanner. If the user only wants the freebie scanner and is not paying for the PLUS or the PRO version, then only turn on that AAWSERVICE.EXE when the user clicks to run the freebie scanner in Ad-Aware 2007 and then turn it all OFF when the user exits out of the program. Is that too much to ask? Good Gawd, I wish I knew about this AAWSERVICE-always-on idiocy before because I put this Ad-Aware 2007 on my sister and brother-in-law's PC during my annual visit to their place when I usually do a backup and cleanup of their PC. NOW I HAVE TO GO BACK THERE TO UNINSTALL AD-AWARE 2007 BECAUSE OF THAT AAWSERVICE.EXE WHICH WILL BE ON ALL THE TIME ON THEIR PC. When all you want is Ad-Aware 2007 to be run every once in a while as the freebie scanner version, HAVING THAT AAWSERVICE.EXE BEING TURNED ON ALL THE TIME AS A SERVICE IS A WASTE OF MEMORY. I hope the official Lavasoft people read these messages. I saw that pinned message thread about the AAWSERVICE.EXE, but was disappointed to see that thread was closed - and so I'M COMPLAINING HERE. To the person who started this message thread: I'm sorry but I feel like my PATIENCE HAS RUN OUT. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN AD-AWARE 2007.