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  1. I'm familiar with how to export the scan log. Unfortunately, that doesn't answer either of my questions. Even the scan log doesn't list the actual file names of the infected objects. Additionally, since my Statistics tab clears itself everytime I do Web Update, there are no scan logs! How do I find the actual file names of the infected items and how do I prevent my scan logs from from being deleted everytime I do Web Update?
  2. Under the Statistics tab, you are supposed to be able to find a list of your previous scans and their results. However, every time I do a Web Update it clears my Statistics list. Not only that, but when I look on the front menu below where it says Scan System, it says "Status: (not yet performed)", as If I have never performed a system scan before. Why does it act like I have never performed a scan, when indeed I have performed several? Why does the Web Update cause it to lose it's memory?
  3. Today, Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition found 3 suspicious cookies. It labeled the 3 cookies as, "adserv", "adserve", and "adserver". However, it didn't list the actual file names of the cookies. I assumed that the detected cookies were in, C:\Documents and Settings\[My Name]\Cookies\, so I went there and browsed through my cookies, but didn't find any with the name "adserv" or anything like it. The reason I want to know the actual file name is so I can go into Internet Explorer's settings and add the names (example: of those specific cookies to the "block list" of cookies. Does anyone know how to find the exact file name of detected items? Additionally, it would also be helpful if Ad-Aware also listed the exact file location of detected files, because if the item isn't a cookie, one wouldn't know exactly where to find it. Even though Ad-Aware will automatically remove the file for you, I still like to know the location of the file.
  4. The new version 2007 (Free) sucks up my system resources so I am thinking about going back to the SE edition. My question is, does the SE version get the same virus/spyware definition files as the new 2007 version? If so, I wouldn't be putting my computer in any more danger if I go back to the SE edition, correct?