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  1. well just got my pc back from the shop today had to have everything reloaded except of course ad-aware 2007, never again will i have that program on any pc i ever own, well at least it only cost me for the repair, and not the program itself, goodbye and good luck with it i think you will need it pootang
  2. thankyou for your reply, i am a bit worried about trying to uninstall 'ad-aware 2007' after reading about the problems some people in this forum have had trying to do the same. pootang
  3. thankyou for your suggestion, do i keep 'ad-aware 2007' installed or uninstall it? after reading some of the posts here in the forum i am a bit worried about trying to uninstall it. pootang
  4. thankyou for the advice, as for my friend he had a bad experience wiyh 'ad-aware 2007', as have several people all you have to do is read the posts in this forum. pootang
  5. having only just become confident enough in computer use to actually buy my own pc i have a problem, my new pc came with a full security suite pre installed, by the way i chose to buy a pc with windows xp home edition installed, now comes my problem, on the advice of a friend i downloaded 'ad-aware 2007' (free) and installed it on my pc, then just before i ran the first scan my friend called and told me not to run it and informed me of this support forum so here i am. so what do i do? do i run it? do i try to uninstall it? is it safe to run or not? will it delete what i do not want it to? after reading several posts in this forum i am not sure what to do, i would greatly appreciate any advice anyone in this forum can give me, thanks to you all in advance pootang