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  1. Sorry, should have stated: XP Pro, SP3 Spybot S&D (with immunisation), SuperAntispyware, SpywareBlaster, Win Defender. AVG 2008, Win Firewall. I manually update my anti-spyware programs each day I boot up (nothing else open). Do not see any conflicts, everything in Spybot is still immunised and SpywareBlaster has all protected. Have only noticed this behaviour the last couple of times I've updated Ad-Aware.
  2. The last couple of times I have updated AA, I get the message "Ad-Aware has generated errors, Windows will now close Ad-Aware." When I re-open it, all seems OK. The status window shows that the update has been installed. If I look in Event Viewer, I see: "Faulting application ad-aware.exe, version, faulting module ad-aware.exe, version, fault address 0x0015566e." Anybody else seeing this and what could be causing it?
  3. It's me on my hobby horse again. After Calamity Jane's comprehensive post about Automatic Updates not working in the free edition (September 6th), I had hoped that the matters referred to would have been fixed by now. Perhaps the problem is more complicated than at first realised. Could we have some feedback on this please?
  4. Could we have some feedback from the team on this subject please?
  5. Hi Spike, In fact Automatic Updates don't work in the free version, even for definition updates. The team are aware of this fault. Just thought I'd remind them as it's been some time since it was reported. Users who do not check this forum are unaware that AU doesn't work and could be at risk. As I said earlier, the status window clearly shows Automatic Updates: ON but on start up, if you check the log file, there is no indication that it tries to update.
  6. There have been numerous definition updates and a couple of software ones since this subject was first raised. The status page in the free version still shows Automatic Update: ON. It may well be that users who believe updates are automatically taken care of, do not have the ones mentioned above.
  7. Please see my reply to your post in "Automatic Update (again)" The point I am trying (unsuccessfully) to make is that the status window shows Automatic Update: ON. Not according to the log file! If Calamity Jane is correct that it has never been a feature of the free version (and I think she is mistaken), why does the status page say that it is ON? As I said previously, if you try to load Ad-Watch you are soon told that you need Pro or Plus to use it. This is not the case with AU. I do not have a problem doing a manual update, it's only one click after all. However, some people may think that Ad-Aware IS being updated automatically and may therefore not check for updates. Please, either make it work or disable the option in the free version.
  8. You may be correct, although I would have thought that when checking for defintion updates it would also pick up any software updates as well. My point is, that it doesn't actually look for updates at all. On start up, if you look in the log file, there is no indication of checking for updates. This only appears after doing a manual update.
  9. Sorry, I missed this post before posting my own remarks "Auto Update (again)". I have been using Ad-Aware (free) for years and the Auto Update feature has always worked. It would not allow you even to select the option if it didn't work with the free version. Try starting Ad-Watch, it soon tells you that you need Pro or Plus to use the feature. As AU doesn't any more, I can only assume that it has now been removed from the free version. Why then does "Auto Update: On" appear in the status window?
  10. I know there are more important things to fix/debug but I would like to remind LS about Auto Updates. This subject was raised ages ago and there have been many new software and definition file releases since then. My latest version (free) is As it is free, I am reluctant to criticise too much. However, in the status window, there is a large green circle with a white tick in it stating Automatic Update : On. Well, it may be "On" but it doesn't work! This is quite a high profile omission and doesn't give people much confidence in using the product. Most anti-malware products (whether free or not) have the Auto Update option. Although this is hardly a critical matter, would LS please fix it?
  11. OK, I didn't give up. Thought I'd give it one more go. Downloaded, it appears to be the only version available at the moment, other than updating from program. Expected to see AWW in system tray and it wasn't there! I assume the old version has been fixed as well. Anyway, updated to via the program and all seems well at the moment.
  12. Went to and the free version available is I give up.
  13. This gets better. Decided to do an uninstall/reinstall. After uninstall via Add/Remove Programs I still had the Ad-Aware icon showing in Quick Launch AND the AAW Tray icon in system tray. Re-booted, the AAW tray icon has disappeared but Ad-Aware icon was still in Quick Launch. Have dragged it out and deleted it. Will now attempt fresh install of Will keep you posted.
  14. Prior to downloading, I had the AAW icon in the system tray set to "always hide". After downloading, the icon is still in the system tray (although hidden). I changed it to "hide when inactive" but it still shows when viewing hidden icons. I do not have Ad-Aware running at the moment, so I fail to see why the icon is there at all. There is NO Ad-Aware activity. We wanted it removed completely, not just hidden when there is no activity.