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  1. Okay, it just happened again, but I was able to click Stop on the intermediate page. The URL for the intermediate page is:;rid=1278354 AGAIN, DO NOT CLICK THIS URL UNLESS YOU ARE FULLY PROTECTED!
  2. Hi, My IE6 browser is suddenly being redirected to m Remove the space between the co m to activate. DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK UNLESS YOU ARE FULLY PROTECTED! It usually occurs when the system is idle, maybe once every 5 or 10 minutes and appears to be a hijacking of my NetZero Free software (with adbars) and not the IE6 browser directly. I could be mistaken though. I haven't noticed it yet with another non-commercial ISP in spite of using the same browser. I've ran AdAware and AVG and am unable to detect the source. I also ran Regedit and searched for "tunes4tones" to no avail. Part of the problem is that the page is redirected through a fast intermediate redirect page with a different URL, something like "" but happens too fast to catch it. It then redirects to the tunes4tones site. McCaffee Site Advisor has the "tunes4tones" site marked as unsafe in Red. Any suggestions? I hope this can be detected by AdAware soon.