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  1. Hi, the version i scorrect ( My OS is Win XP SP2, I use NOD 32 and Outpost Security Suite Pro 2007 but disableing both of them nothing changes, what other information about my system do you need? Thanks for interesting! Andrea
  2. WOW, are you telling me that there's no way to make the AD Watch autoload using his NATIVE option? Great, I'm soooooooo happy to have spent the money to buy ADAware ! Compliments Lavasoft!
  3. Hi, I've just bought ADAware 2007 plus, I've installed it without any problem. The only problem now is that Ad watch doesn't start witn win startup... Of course I've choose the right setting to make it start but nothing happens....I've tried to uninstall ADAware, restart the PC and install it again...nothing has changed... Any suggestion? Thanks and regards Andrea