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  1. Thanks CalamityJane, program seems to be back to normal speed.
  2. I am having the same problem. It takes ages for the program to initiate.
  3. I echo these sentiments. My Ad-Aware 2007 has been performing admirably since last Friday. Thanks for your help Tobias.
  4. Hi Tobias, I suspect my original download to had been corrupted i.e. the download sat at 29% for a while before finishing. I did a System Restore and then downloaded a new update of version which installed perfectly. A smart scan revealed 10 cookies which were then removed ok. It appears to be fine. Thanks again, Mawby.
  5. Ad-Aware 2007 free edition. Have just received software update and ran a smart scan. After removing 4 tracking cookies out of 18 found, a pop up said an Ad-Aware 2007 error had occurred: Cleaning - unable to remove file, suggested action, will be removed after you have restarted your computer. Mawby.
  6. Hi Tobias, I have had this too. The number of cookies to be removed are shown then the counter starts to count down. It then stops with a number still shown, and a pop-up advises that these files cannot be removed, but will be deleted when the computer re-boots. I have also noticed today that occasionally after a scan, no infections are found but should be, as I had just logged off internet. Regards Mawby.
  7. Hi Tobias, can you explain something to me. Am I correct in assuming that the (present) Version 0007.0000 refers to the Definitions File Update, and the (present) Version refers to the Software Update. Thank you, Mawby
  8. Hi Tobias, I have just downloaded the updates, at 10.26 a.m. and am now back at version 0006.0000 The only thing missing is the pop ups which tell us that our def. files are up to date. We had them for a short while during the return to version 0004. 0000. Thank you, Mawby.
  9. Tobias. I have just been advised by pop up that a new definitions file and update manager were available for download. This I did and everything seems to be fine. The only problem I can see is that the new def. file shows version 0004 when the last was 0006? Thank you.
  10. I have just done a scan but that pop up referring to Windows seems to have gone?
  11. Doesn't it say that some of these infections would be removed by Windows on next start?
  12. Just clicked on update and got pop up telling me definitions out of date. Have now got def. 0006.0000 and the proper date 29/06/07. Seems to be OK now. I didn't expect automatic update with the free version or am I wrong? Thanks Tobias.
  13. As I have said on another thread, yesterday when I clicked on Update, I was informed that there was a new update waiting. However in the middle of the update an error message apologised and said that Ad-Aware was closing down. It would appear that I got the update because it is now shown as 0005.0000, but the date of the last update is still 19/06/07