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  1. I believe were all DOOMED!!!!! ha its funny but unfourtantly almost a reality
  2. Okay first let me start off by saying that i have nothing but total respect and loylty to those who created lavasoft and the adaware program. With that said lets get down to bussiness. I am computer tech based in the eastern part of the U.S and i employ your software on many computers. Adaware SE was a brilliant design with simple interface and allowed the the more advanced users to tweak its scanning methods and how it dealt with anything it found. And to top it all off it was fast. Then we flash forward to the future Adaware 2007 a bulky program that at best could serve as a annoyance to all computers no offense but i installed this program i thought it was going to be revoultionary it took an hour and 30 minutes to do one scan where SE took mayby 10 minutes and thats pushing it. The 2007 program found 2 things when i went to remove them through the removal process it said it could not complete this function and would do so at a later time. After becomeing frustrated i removed the 2007 program and installed the old SE ran a scan that took 3 minutes and it found over 10 items and removed them with ease. Now you may be asking what the crap is this guys point, well my point is dont fix something that isnt broken only add to it never change it. I find the 2007 release a collasol failure and unless the scan time can be fixed and its overall scan process reverted back to SE becuase it does far better in scans then this program is a failure in my eyes and just in case i've confrimed the same behaviour with many of my friends who have tried the program same results so its not just my program. -Matt-