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  1. Across 6 computers here, I'm running 3 on Plus and 3 on Free. I'll make my displeasure known to the other support folks as well, but "Ad-AwareCommand" used to work in the Free version as well. -JW
  2. In the latest version of AdAware (8.1), the command line interface, "Ad-AwareCommand", previously available to users of all versions of AA, is now restricted to only the top of the line version: "This feature is only available on Ad-Aware Professional." Taking away features without warning is not an acceptable business practice. Unless this decision is reversed, and quickly, this 7-year Lavasoft customer will be looking somewhere else for an adware solution. -JW
  3. As of today's update (to 149.0055), "abouttime.exe" is no longer deleted by Ad-Aware. To "meden": the Windows Firewall dialog appears because About Time needs to access the Internet (to find/read a time server), and needs your permission for that access. There is nothing to worry about in that regard. -JW
  4. As noted in another topic (and reported), I already have this listed as "Do Nothing", and Smart Scan still zaps it every time. ...so, I just have a watchdog task scheduled for every ten minutes that restarts it when A-A kills it. I'm still rather annoyed by it, though, and would much rather that the Ignore List actually worked. -JW
  5. I've posted a recent probable false positive in that section of the forum, here. While they work on that aspect over there, it's raised another troubling issue. Specifically, the "Ignore List" doesn't seem to be working; although I've specified "Do Nothing" for the process in question, A-A AE (both Plus and Free editions) continues to delete the process at every opportunity, and the file as well (although not every time). Anyone else having this problem? -JW Ack - just noticed I started this topic in "General", rather than the A-A AE area. Move, please? Thanks! -JW
  6. A-A AE (both Free and Plus, across six different machines) just started reporting AboutTime (a 10-year-old freeware time synchronizer program) as "Win32.Monitor.PowerSpy", and deleting it at every possible opportunity. I've added the process to the "Ignore List", but merely opening its window starts an A-A scan which kills the process immediately, and then ends claiming no problems were found. I've been forced to disable the Process portion of A-A Live! to keep this program running; when enabled, it also deletes the AboutTime process immediately. "General Support" requested that I post the details here. The AboutTime program (which has been running on all six systems here without problem since before A-A AE was installed) can be downloaded from "http://www.arachnoid.com/abouttime/", at "http://www.arachnoid.com/abouttime/abouttime_nomsie.exe". The program as installed on my machines (binary unchanged from that available for download) is also attached. Thanks for any assistance you may provide in solving this problem. -JW Scan_2009_08_26_13_00_16.log AboutTime.ZIP
  7. Earlier this afternoon, I updated my A-A Plus AE defs from the command line, with the command: "C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Ad-AwareAdmin.exe" update all silent The 149.0 defs were downloaded successfully, according to both the log file: ...and the program itself, which indicates "Last Update:" and "Definitions File:" on the main screen as today, and "0149.0000", respectively. However, a smart scan run from the command line two hours later, with the command: "C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Ad-AwareAdmin.exe" scan smart resulted in a scan using the older defs file, according to the log: In short, downloading the new defs file from the command line did not restart the program to use the new defs. Thanks for your attention to this problem! -JW
  8. That would be wonderful. Having the popup tell me that "setup.exe" or "uninstall.exe" (without even a full pathname) is trying to change something makes the accept/reject choice pretty much a coin flip. An "expand" button which would give the kind of info SE used to give (what's being changed, what it's being changed from, and what it's being changed to) would be greatly appreciated. -JW