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  1. May i recommend you something better ? A free service , that will help you to recover is there keylogger on your system or not, or maybe something else There is a "but", you should to read and follow the instructions
  2. Yep, when i shut down aww2007 any service that aww2007 creates must be stopped automatically ! And when i start the aaw2007, the service should start automatically without any error ;)Otherwise it look like a worm that eats a memory Hope, that creators of AAW2007 are here
  3. My system: Windows XP PRO, SP2, English version with MUI Security: Kaspersky Internet Security 7, Positive technologies startup monitor,spybot s&d without tea-timer. Is the adaware 2007 is such a bad program, that i need to uninstall it manually ?
  4. I can't unistall adaware 2007 normally. I get an erorr :1720 I did some research in the internet and found that i need WindowsXP-Windows2000-Script56-KB917344-x86-enu i did checked in my system and found that my system has this update , but still i get this error.Please, i need your advice.
  5. IMHO, this 2007 version is the worst one When in free version i must to run servise that i don't need it at all, when application is closed . When i put service in manual it doesn't help !!! When i start ad-aware, it show's me an error, that she can't start ;(