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  1. As I indicated in the moved thread, I thought I had found the solution to registering the app. It did work for me. Whether it was a result of what lavasoft did, or me disabling all the other spyware/firewall/virus programs is an unanswered question. However, I can still not get into the support center. The link in the email takes me there. I log in and get an error that basically says the lavasoft server is not working. How can we submit support issues if we can't get into the support center?
  2. Well, I got mine to work placing the key in the app. I had to disable the Norton, and then the windows firewaqlls as well as disable the Norton Protection center and remove AVG virus resident. Disable all the stuff that runs at startup and try again. You may get lucky. However, the email link to the support center to login still does not work.
  3. Following a full scan there were 158 cookies to process. I elected to delete a large group, but not all. After deleting, I tried to re-expand the list by clicking on the "+" . When I did, it would rapidly expand and contract. It did that twice and when I tried the third time, I got the following error. I have attached a screen shot of it as a .bmp file An error has occurred in Ad-Aware Pro! Component: TVirtualString Tree Message: Access violation at address 00536636 in module 'Ad-Aware 2007.exe' Read of Address 0000000D I got the same results twice while doing the same thing twice. I am really perturbed at having spent over $50 dollars to get a recommended program to cure a problem and am unable to register it or unlock the extra features I paid for.
  4. What is with not being able to register from the email they sent me with my serial number? Also, when trying to register the serial number from within the application, it returns an error saying that "it appears to be invalid". What?